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Official announcement is we've gone in dollars I'll let our goals what we doing that's always going to endorse we now go into indoors it can be the the union is clear it does not support a Medicare for all plan the workers fought hard to have their health care and they want to keep it the union says it has felt the wrath of Bernie Sanders supporters online for NPR news I'm free Xander in read now on wallstreet stocks are mixed the Dow Jones industrial average is down seventeen points to twenty nine thousand four hundred six the nasdaq is up more than twenty eight points at ninety seven hundred forty the S. and P. five hundred is up about four points you're listening to NPR news from Washington it's eight oh four I'm sherry Glaser with KCRW news LA county district attorney Jackie Lacey has moved to unwind decades of drug prosecutions that disproportionately targeted people of color we have asked the court is this near the sixty six thousand cannabis related convictions in Los Angeles county we believe it is the largest ever in California to wipe out old criminal convictions in a single word Nash during a news conference yesterday Lacey said her office is working with a nonprofit group called code for America to use algorithms to search court records to find eligible cases some going back as far as the nineteen sixties these expungement says they're called come almost a year after laci first pledge to do so and weeks before she faces reelection as for who will get relief approximately thirty two percent of those involved are black twenty percent are white forty five percent are Latino as a result of our actions these conditions should no longer bird does what struggle to find a job or place because of their criminal record hot line to the LA county public defender's office will be the point of contact for people once the court dismisses their marijuana conviction former San Francisco DA George gas cone and public defender Rachel Rossi who are both running for Lee C. C. say the move is too little too late dozens of environmental activists rallied in playa del Rey yesterday they're calling a local leaders to shut down the southern California gas facility there is KCRW's Kaylee wells reports is not the first time activists have push for mayor Eric Garcetti in the city council to get involved.

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