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I always think that's a good thing to even to at least talk with your attorney reid is that a good provision put in it's interesting you were talking about a lot of it being social issues and i was just thinking you know these young lawyers that are coming out of school you know this new this generation is much different than we are but what is very interesting is the law is in different and i'm teaching a co parenting class at a started for for jefferson st tammany parish and i'm in week two in one of the one of the co parents is there younger they're still in college and she is understanding that and she's the one who who labeled herself this not myself she said my snowflake generation has a difficult time in this court system because we're realizing the way that we do things is not the way that's in the right interest of our kids for coparenting and it's not gonna get us anywhere in this legal system and i thought that that was a very telling just telling for this young girl and she under stood what and so there you go even tell someone your mail clients that when they're whining there you go all right all right let's go to can't he's got a question regarding power turning hey can you all things legal ducks and sarah michelle demer sinceri good morning i was calling about my brother who is now on life support who intended to kids who was ill and knew he was struggling with gonna give my brother power of attorney but he never did give him the papers and we can't sign the papers he's incapable of managing his affairs at least in the short term for pointed to handle that you have to do an interdiction proceeding you wanna.

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