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A I'm Mark Williams on talkradio six eighty WCBS. Well, if you look out to the west, you can see some of those darker clouds that's big giant storm system, the heart of the country. Thrones of cloud cover our way next several days, but we're on the warm side of it right now. About a half inch of rain tomorrow. Seventy degrees for tomorrow at seventy seven Saturday. I'm meteorologist Scott Lawrie. More from the Weather Channel for talkradio. Six eighty WCBS. Now. Keeping you connected with the latest news. This is talk radio six AD VM and wcbMcom good afternoon. I'm Michael Philip Elliott, six eighty WCBS Maryland center, the news at five thirty one. Stop struggled to finish on Wall Street after an early rally sputtered healthcare companies fell broadly, mostly affecting gains in other parts of the market today insurance. United health group and anthem led the decline in the health sector banks and industrial companies held onto their early gains. The Dow Jones industrial average slipped fourteen points to twenty six one forty-three the S and P five hundred index edged up less than a point to twenty eight eight and the NASDAQ fell sixteen to seventy nine forty seven. A federal judge is threatened temporarily blocked carnival corporation from docking. Cruise ships at ports in the United States as punishment for a possible probation violation. Miami bass carnival has been on probation for two years as part of a forty million dollars settlement for legally dumping oil into the ocean from its Princess cruise ships and lying about the scheme. According to court file. Links Georgetown University students considering a fee benefiting the descendants of enslaved people sold the payoff, the schools debts and effort that would create one of the first reparations funds at a major US institution. Undergraduates voting on a twenty-seven dollar twenty cents per semester fee that would go toward underprivileged communities where some descendants live. The student-led proposal is aimed at atoning for the eighteen thirty eight sale of two hundred seventy two slaves organized by two Jesuits fifty nine degrees in Baltimore. Reporting five thirty two I'm Michael E. Six eighty WCBS news Roussel easier, getting your.

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