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Negative. I'm a loss of. I know. That's how you set yourself up for death. Okay. If you're not subscribed, please go subscribe anywhere you subscribe to podcasts, including Apple podcasts and Spotify. 5 stars write some nice words over at Apple podcast. We have to offset those nerves. Those nerds that get offended too easily. We have to offset them. There's more of us. There's more of us than there are of them. So you've ever had sex before you were married, please go 5 star reviews, nice words over at Apple podcast. We need you. Subscribe to the YouTube channel. If you haven't done that yet, that's crazy. It's a crazy crazy. Subscribe to the YouTube channel. It's easy to find go to YouTube this type of ion college basketball on the search engine and hit that bell button so you'll get alerts. And smash the like button because that's important too. Show them how you would smash it, dead leg, giving that rhythm. You know what? That's some good couple of days on the slopes there, but a little tight. Got no problem. You have no rhythm? No rhythm. Gotta gotta have a couple recovery days here. First, first time on the mountain in a couple years here, so got back into the swing, but woke up a little stiff this morning. Something like that would work. There you go. Something like that. Something like that gets it done. Smash the like button. Brandon Davies would do it. He smashed anything. I risked the trip to the final four just to smash. You risked nothing. So you've got no excuses. So please go do that. We'll talk to you again on Wednesday morning. Till then take care of them..

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