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Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Stars tenants kept a large water pitcher beside the stairs to the attic. They explained that the pitcher was to be used as a means of creating running water which spirits could not cross. It was an easy defense against the ghost in the attic. More women arrive to live and work as aid workers at Hull House and the other tenants moved out to make room. It is said however that the pitcher remained by the attic stairs until the settlement took over the second floor entirely a precautionary measure against a ghost. That didn't care about the new residents noble ideals up next the skeptical Jane Addams has her own experience with the supernatural. Podcast listeners. If you enjoy stories about murder mystery and the unexplained you'll absolutely love the new podcast original series supernatural with Ashley Flowers it's hosted by crime junkies Ashley Flowers and you can hear new every Wednesday. We all know that most mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts but sometimes the facts don't lead to a logical explanation. The truth lies somewhere in the unknown in supernatural with Ashley. Flowers Ashley takes a deep dive into the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences each week. She'll dig into a different crime or mystery where the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional from exercises to unsolved murders to alien abductions. Ashley will take on. The tails challenged the unexplained and dissect the facts with a heavy helping of skepticism and rationale. So are you ready to get to the bottom of history's most peculiar events? Follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts now. Back to the story Jane. Addams was not yet seven years old when she first noticed the income disparity that would grow to characterize her beloved Chicago when driving through the town of Freeport with her father. She observed the squalid conditions of the neighboring tenements. When her father explained that the workers couldn't afford to live in better places. She told him she would give them mansion of their own to live in. She got her wish with Hull. House when she moved in the building had fallen into disrepair Pale and partially burned shadow of its former Grandeur Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr quickly set to work restoring the mansion so it could best serve the needs of the surrounding immigrant community it seemed that most of the remnants of the halls opulent life had been stripped in the twenty years since the fire but one supernatural mark of the homes previous history remained. Charles Hulls beloved wife had passed away in the house in the very room where Jane addams planned to live Jayne. Didn't sleep enough ellen. Culture so her family told her so the bags under her eyes told you so but there was just so much to do. She constantly worried that she was missing an opportunity letting the visitors and residents of Hull House down but she had to rest sometime eventually. Her body insisted and she would practically collapse into bed. Barely getting out of her starched close before her face to the pillow. She was usually a heavy sleeper but this time she will to the rattle in clump of a carriage making its way down. Halston street when the hoof beats faded into the distance. She closed her eyes again. Ready to return to her dreams but then her ice snapped open again. Gene couldn't move. The darkness seemed heavy holding her place. She told yourself to take deep breaths but even breathing hurt. She tried to close her eyes but our lives didn't respond is fixed on the ceiling. Strange shapes began to dance in front of them was shapes sinister amorphous and unsettling sometimes human looking sometimes not gnashing teeth knives clause. Jane's body shuddered with primal anxiety. She stared paralyzed at the frightening vision for what felt like ours. She tried to call for help but her body wouldn't respond to anything just as she thought she would lose her mind in the cold silence but quite was replaced by whispers hissing. Moving as if something was roving about the room stepping close to her ear. Only to fly away again into the shadows. Jane tried once more to scream. But all that came out was a slight whimper. She tried to move with all her might miraculously and without warning she was able to do it. She turned her head to the left. Finally letting out a sigh of relief she was free but there was someone in the bed. Beside her decaying form quivering with rasping breaths and coughs chain gasped and pulled away tumbling out of the bed and onto the floor. Her side hurt where she'd smacked against the Hardwood but full movement had returned to her. She scrambled to her feet to look around. There were no whispers. No dark shapes on the ceiling or in the corner it was just her room another carriage clattered by outside. There were no more frights that night. Jane slept in fits and she was bleary eyed the next morning when she came downstairs to cook breakfast for the residents and they're visiting neighbors. Mrs Graviano a woman who was helping out of the day care center as chain. What was wrong. Never ashamed to ask for help and Jane told the woman the whole story. Mrs Graviano tutted softly to herself. Then turn behind her to call over. Mrs Bear a small Jewish woman with round Brown is Jane repeated the tale. Mrs Bear blinked alledgedly at her. It was the terrorists. She said ethically Jane needn't worry. Sometimes the Mahdi and mind did not agree and the mind made such a stink about it. Just breathe edenly. Mrs Barra said and all would be well. Jane was relieved to have a reasonable explanation once again. She was learning more from our neighbors than they learning from her. She was actually excited to go to sleep that night confident that she had the tools to defend herself but when the darkness came again it was different when she awoke this time she was able to move her head but only slightly. She curled a chin toward her chest to bring her gaze down from the ceiling. And to the edge of the bed there was a featureless dark shape. They're waiting chain wasn't sure what to do. It just stood studying her with a slightly tilted head but then the head tilted further than it should slowly but surely Jane managed to bring her trembling hand to the lamb. She clicked it on sure that the light would banish the shadow. The figure was still there it's head lolling on a broken neck in front of her. It was a woman deathly Pale. Her dress was blue almost white shimmering the soft light Jane wondered fomative. This was the same corpse from the night before but she was awake. She was sure of it. This was no dream. Jane watched the figure intently. She was usually an excellent reader of people but she had no means of understanding the thing that stood before her if it mentor harm. She was finished gene. Brace yourself for the worst trying to find refuge in her faith then as if slightly embarrassed the woman raised her head snapping your spine back into place. She locked eyes with chain her gaze. Not Threatening only sad devastated. Spent gene suddenly called something. Miss Culver headset in passing. Mr Hull had never really felt comfortable in the house after the death of his wife in one of the rooms Jane was no stranger to death. Many of the women she counselled had lost infants or relatives to various wasting diseases and it was common for the police to find debt drunks in the gutters of the near West side. She and Ellen hope to change all that but this woman was beyond helping even if she was indeed Mrs Hull. Jane ventured the question gently trying and failing to keep your voice from shaking. The ghost did not open her mouth to answer but chain could've sworn she gave a slight not heartened. Jane gave the spirit the warm she could muster under the circumstances. She asked if she could help in any way. The ghost just stared. Unblinking Louis. Jane asked if the spirit wanted to move on once again. Nothing unsure what to do next. Jane stepped forward to call for help. The ghost move to block her path. Chains heart nearly stopped the movement. She found her voice as best she could treating Mrs Hall Lake any other distressed member visiting groups to the House. There was no need to worry. Jane reassured her forcing her voice to stay steady. It was all in hand. They would find a solution together. It was clear to chain that the spirit did not want her to leave so she laid back a bit in bed. The ghostly woman floated a bit closer softening ever so slightly. Jane Smile tightly again thanking Mrs Hall for Allowing Her to get her arrest. She turned off the light and closed her eyes. Potentally aware of the Ghost's presence beside her now. All she could do was attempt to sleep. Perhaps the spirit meant well and didn't mean to be a bother. Maybe Mrs Hall even intended to watch over chain to keep her safe in a room with darker forces at work. Whatever the true motivations were. Jane never slept in low.

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