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Powell stone who said my Stephanie Miller show addiction counselor says I should identify my triggers which are waking up being awake and Roy Rogers horse That's funny because your name is trigger All right we love you Paul I worry about her a lot I'm worried about this The QAnon crowd is at televangelist John hagy's cornerstone church in San Antonio they are chanting let's go Brandon from the church pews which is exactly what Jesus would do is say Joe Biden in code Don't you think Seems kind of spot on brand for Didn't Jesus also say I need one of my personal comedy Jesus but then you say something about helping the four something that I thought something that was a part of So I believe Bernie Sanders did a tweet saying what he said for a thousand years Now the rich should pay their fair share didn't even mention Elon Musk and Elon Musk tweeted back Oh I didn't know you were still alive which was Particularly holy of him And our friend Lea Thompson who I love with the heat of a thousand white hot suns Ever since we did drunk Lorraine and her best friend together unhappy hour back when I was drinking That's why I said we could well besides that she's great and married We couldn't be married because we were just drinking we'd be like drunk relate Lorraine from Back to the Future and then we would just get each other all whipped up about politics She said she said this guy wouldn't drive a Tesla if I got one for free Pay your taxes you little bitch I didn't know that she was blue like that I do because we happy houred with her She's.

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