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Investments are not fdic insured nor are they deposits of or guaranteed by a bank or any other entity so they may lose value back i map miller and this capital ideas your connection to the lines in inside shaping the world of investments today will talk with author sebastian malady about the life of times of former federal reserve chairman alan greenspan one of the most influential inconsequential figures in the history of modern finance in this episode of capital ideas headed a quiet and rather nerdy man rise to the pinnacle of economic power was greenspan responsible for the worst financial crisis since the great depression and is it true that the man who embodied the fed thought it never should have been created in the first place now here's my conversation with sebastian mallaby sebastian mallaby is a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations he's a contributing columnist to the washington post and most importantly he's the author of the new book the man who knew the life and times of alan greenspan sebastian mallaby welcomed the capital ideas great to be with you met there's so much to talk about in this book which i think will surely stand is the definitive account of of not only greenspan's life but also the larger story of modern finance that is his trajectory embodies the reviews have been staggeringly positive it's prizewinning already so congratulations on all the accolades i guess i see there's too big stories that your talent one is the story of a nerdy man's rise to the pinnacle of economic power and how that when and then there's this other story that's the interaction between our economic understanding of the risks and consequences of financial fragility and the perceived political constraints in managing it that you also use greenspan to tell that story in we're gonna dive into both of those but let's start with the story of young alan greenspan and how he rose what's his story.

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