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Updated 24/7 360 five. Good morning, it's 6 28. Traffic and weather on the aids here, Jack Taylor and the WTO traffic center. Seems we've got an issue in Virginia along the fairfax county Parkway basically between one 23 and Burke center Parkway we've got delays both sides unclear if we've got a wreck on one side along the left and maybe some rubber necking, two Rex in the same area, unclear, but it is slow. Just take it easy, follow any kind of direction with crews on scene. Otherwise in Virginia, the bellway is fine between Alexandria and McLean so far. 95, we've got a delay Dale City going into woodbridge, then heavier, lord and moving through newington. Still looking good on three 95 leaving the bellway, but we've got some slowing top end to get on to the inbound 14th street bridge. The wreck in Sterling is on 7 eastbound, the ramp to southbound 28s along the left side of the roadway. All right, the trouble going into the district. We've got some slowing D.C. two 95 south, around nanny hill and Burroughs avenue toward east capital street. Debbie checked in going inbound on the Sousa bridge. She come around from Barney's circle there. We've got a crash with the right lane getting by. You also will find a little bit of a heavier traffic pattern now, leaving oxen cove on I two 95 north, headed up past laboratory road. Heavier on the beltway in Maryland. Watch for a delay building down your two ten headed toward the Wilson bridge, definitely slow, topside out of loop, New Hampshire toward Georgia, two 70 also a delay building at a Frederick, slow traffic moves through her banner remaining heavy down toward one O 9. There was trouble in oxen hill earlier two ten northbound, the ramp that takes you on a north eye to 95. There was a wreck along the right side of the roadway. A lot happening right now on the rails. Metro's red line expect residual delays to glenmont from an earlier train malfunction at shady grove, Mark Penn line trained 5 O two, was scheduled to leave about 20 minutes ago. It's projected to have a 25 to 30 minute departure delay because of late arriving equipment. Mark Penn line trained four 13, canceled this morning due to lack of equipment, you'll be accommodated by train four 15, scheduled a department about a half an hour. Attention contractors and technicians, northeastern supplies opening in belts filled around the corner from MLK middle school. Visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing, HVAC, water systems, and PVF needs. Jack Taylor, WTO P traffic. And the forecast now from Chad barrel. The often on showers tapering into sprinkles later this morning, maybe a few glimpses of sunshine and afternoon but sprinkles return and

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