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Kathleen about thirty five over Vanderbilt tonight. Eighty seven fifty two the final from Nashville cats got off to the lead and a jumper by Ashton hagan's gave Kentucky the two nothing margin. Then a three by Lee, but Vanderbilt up three to two, but then it was subtypes passing track. Re Travis Kelvin Johnson and back to PJ Washington. The cats had the lead. Pass ahead to the court. He wrote dumps it into Travis in a double team in trouble prospect Johnson quick pass out the Washington puts it in and PJ Washington with the basket. The I two of his twenty six points tonight and Kentucky had a four to three lead later. The Wildcats were up ten to seven PJ with the steel and Tyler hero with the finish. It's our state pharmacists to the game. When teammates help each other out. Great plays happen. Just like this one. A hero three ball. No good. I'll go back. Iron for Vanderbilt. You'll bring it into front himself was now the right side of the late or the bucket knocked away by Washington picked up by Johnson, a hit the haggis right side to hero, layup and hero with the layup. Made a twelve seven. That's the assist of the game presented by state farm here to help life. Go right. Cats are up twenty four fourteen win Jamal Baker pulled the trigger from outside. Left side bakers got it. Orca Tukhy Higgins at the top two Baker he'll shoot along three for he was out there. He forced the guard to come out Advani wants to cover him with a wing, but he was so opened the guard was late giddy. Their Baker grains Baker to for two from three point range tonight. And the cats had a twenty seven to fourteen lead. It was thirty two to fourteen when we come up on our Nissan exciting play of the game. It was Tyler hero with the steel any finish it off himself saving.

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