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None of these people other than joe ross who wouldn't have benefactor in the playoffs most likely is likely to be out on for their next important game there next important game is october says first first late friday october six at national park almost certainly against the cubs or you know whoever wins the central so this whole next six weeks is about okay jason worth in trey turner playing it's it's for syracuse tonight like when are they gonna come back when destroyers are only missed one or two starts and in can this full roster which is an excellent full roster be ready to compete on october six so which leads to this question for your hometown is on the los angeles dodgers now the other night lost their tenth game in ten weeks the fifty nine at one point how fifty and nine this is like a basketball record he'd be like this this nba team is a really good wasi rate are they okay so they are great and they are having a historic regular season kershaw is heard he's pitching simulated game they they knew they were the best team they that didn't prevent them from adding yu darvish from now adding curtis grand who's really good to their lineup a good post cds really good but but there there is in this is to take nothing away from the excellent excellent dodgers but postseason baseball as we discuss for years is a crap shoot last year the cubs were the best team in baseball and they won the world series they were also very rare couple outs away from not winning the world series in its in it so i to me what the dodgers is are doing is is is really impressive and they have great young players and a mix of older players it's a great thing it guarantees zero and i would love to see of course the nats have had no postseason success whatsoever but they also they have been the best team before and lost in five day added that ninety eight wind team in two thousand twelve they they lost they were the number one seat in two thousand fourteen they've lost little wild card winning san francisco giants it's it's my view that last year's nats loss to the dodgers had a different feel that the first two playoff series that they played in that they were much more competitive they looked.

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