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Rocky have now won three or four on the road. You can do the excitement in Jack's voice, because, believe it or not, that was the Rockies first Road Series win of the entire season. With the split of the six game road trip there now up to nine and 34 on the season away from Coors Field. We'll see if that series one provides any momentum when the team takes the field after the four day All Star break. Measure about Black will be on the bench with his longtime friend, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts for the National League. Tomorrow's All Star Game, said following the wind, This is the season of transition in many ways for his club. We knew that this was going to be a a year for a lot of guys to hopefully make strides in performance and solidifying that themselves as mainly players and learning how to succeed at the big leagues. Hampson Point Days, Gaza Rogers Nunez D S, uh, some guys in our bullpen. Uh, you know, we're still looking for that growth. Then I'll be draft is one of the many events tied to the All Star festivities. And yesterday in the first round, the Rocky selected high school first baseman Bennie Montgomery out of Redland High School, and Louis Barre, Pennsylvania, 64 £200 right handed slugger. Was set to attend the University of Virginia. But with more than five million bucks the rocks will payment. Assigning bones will be a minor leader here shortly tonight is MLB home Run Derby. Iraqi shortstop Trevor Story, two time All Star in his own right will be among the eight players in the field that starts at six o'clock. And last night, the Bucks pulled closer to the sons in the NBA Finals, winning Game three in Milwaukee, 1 20 to 141 points and 13 rebounds from the Greek freak Yanis into Campo. The box will host Game four Wednesday that sports and Brandy crystalline carrying his radio on the Broncos buffs and Rockies. Can't We need video time?.

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