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Your car today now accepting donations of land homes buildings or any kind of real estate Back to Mary de pompa now in the traffic center All right and we'll go straight back to the I 81 corridor 66 as Mike was telling you the heavier band of snow was moving through That means front royal Winchester even culpepper U.S. three 40 heading into Frederick the farther west and north of town they're getting heavier snow Now you hear me speaking you're on the east side of town and the roadway looks wet Don't ever let your guard down It has begun in Virginia in 28 and herndon heading northbound McLaren road between McLaren and frying pan one just slipped off the roadway watch for response They were heading there We believe it's off to the right side We will not see this in a camera 66 is so far without incident although heavier bands of stone front row you're running well from front royal into roslyn the one thing to note off of 66 planned work westbound ramp string fellow closed On the Maryland side another accident it's on a ramp 8 95 bridges ramps overpasses freeze first 8 95 ramp to Moravia's blocked one slipped off that ramp This was brought to you by jiffy lube service centers keep you moving from oil change entire rotations filters wipers and a full range of services visit loop D.C. dot com for the location near you Mary de pompadour traffic And Mike staniford is watching the snow for us this morning You got some heavier stuff moving in Yeah good morning Bruce How long does the route three 40 corridor for front royal all the way to boonsboro and pushing the Frederick area the snow has picked up an intensity as a mission before A lot of bridges and overpasses here especially go across Potomac river So do wash out here This is going to be a slick area I 66 from the 81 intersection all the way to front royal including when you go across the blue ridge That's starting to get slick too as rotators here are below freezing And we're seeing a band of monarchs know that moving into the culpeper area too so do watch out there as rosemary becomes slick as temperatures and road surfaces are falling below freezing So we will see snow across the region for the next several hours It will be moderate at times Generally a coating to a couple of inches across the region oriented to a snow across much of the northern western suburbs and the jackpot right now four inches of snow reported on the ground in Manchester that's in northern Carroll county in Maryland so we'll keep in the sun that there'll be some locally higher amounts especially across the far northern suburbs Highs 35 to 40 worse the roadways coming down about 9 or 9 30 of them I think generally just some wet roadways where they came like this mainly on the grass snow and by mid afternoon Overnight turning colder we'll have a hard phrase So all the slush all the standing water area roadways that's gonna freeze Let's load a mid 20s Sunshine but cold on Monday hides the mid to.

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