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Are still in princeton to implement these heinous acts and those were the individual decided exactly how and torture us gene the last few minutes of my friends and loved ones live would be the monsters still who odd if are equally as dangerous equally as responsible i as charlie a well i oh i've always said i agree feel relief is the yeah i am very unsure yeah i'm a little nervous let's put it that way um we have leslie van houten on deck right now i feel that early gas is going to sort of sake the changes already rattled the ground underneath all of all of his followers or ice and say his followers it's their followers and i feel that they will be clamoring for a new fearless leader and we have several galliani role day from the parole board every single year and luckily so far by the grace of god and through the help of people going to the parole site no parole for manson family dot com and and submitting them to the governor we have managed stuff these things so far the parole commissioners themselves have come to me and apologized after hearing and and they're they're words were debra we have to follow the law mm and the law now is that if there over sixty years old they qualify to roll for parole or not the board has got to give the date so i much need everybody take keep these helped me keep these people in jail until they die we only crossed two names off this list five t go that's right and here's a way um obviously uh susan atkins um and while bruce davis's is sylla the law he's alive tax watson early early and uh and susan through an ad can are gone but bruce davis tex watson watson lobbied boondoggle lay leslie chris you're krenwinkel and leslie van houten are still with us and they use every agree uh law available to them meant to rally for their free them and those were sadly the laws are now becoming um a little more um the in may abc host to the victim leah and i was under the impression that parole board sadly i was taking that the parole board duty was was public safety first time that's no longer the case the.

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