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I do not like to steer conversations. Based on race, especially even at the quarterback position. I don't want to steer it there. But whenever I take my hand off the wheel and see where this conversation. We'll go with his landscape would take me it always takes me to certain places, and I give you exhibit egg exhibit A is one of the more Jackson as you talk about Heisman Trophy winner. And then follow that up with a couple of losses as a team. But a better performance as a quarterback in his last two seasons and Louisville and Wisconsin at a Ryan tannehill who's a white quarterback who in his last two seasons. Let's just look at the numbers only number. I see greater is completion percentage. What's matters? Let's say that but two to one pass tests Donald interception versus three two one rushing yards. Rushing touchdowns a Heisman Trophy winner versus the guy who was forced to play quarterback from being a receiver. And I just want to remind everyone in the world there draft. Position. One was drafted eighth. Overall win. Andrew luck was even in that draft. And one was reached for as the thirty second last pick in the first round. Now when I let my hand off the wheel and the Nazi moments like that. I hear Bill Polian come out with comments telling me that the Heisman Trophy winner needs to play receiver and not quarterback when you have those moments continue to occur. We luck. I hate to say, but it makes me want to grab the wheel again. Before you go EJ here, you're talking about conversation. Yeah. And to me a lot of times conversation is irrelevant. I'm talking about actions. And so whatever the conversation is about Tanna hill. Lamar J. Lamar Jackson got drafted. Kyla Moore is going to get drafted high. Or get drafted of two is going to get drafted high. Black quarterbacks are going to get drafted a conversation. People talk and say all kinds of things what are the actions, the NFL and college football or take lock those conversations lead to the actions where one is drafted eight. They want us to thirty two with thirty two a greater resume and hang greater financial win at the high at the heart of that they make all kinds of mistakes in the, but you know, what this was not motivated by resume. This was not motivated motivated by racy. All I'm saying is the normalization of the black quarterback. Let's say the black normal quarterback has more adversity in hurdles into white quarterback. And then even when you're. A greater black quarterback. You still may be disrespected more in a receiver transferred to play quarterback. That's comedies ation. I care less about obviously, I think it just goes down to the Lisa's much shorter for black quarterback versus our counterparts period. Now, I think if the market went out there for four or five interceptions. They lost the game. You know? Thank god. They went out there. They went. They went to an over the past two weeks that he started. He's thrown a ball while he's been a fishing. He's made great decisions. I think he's had some interceptions. But everybody does you know?.

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