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Realized. Oh, absolutely. You know, like we were saying, every organization has their prime focus to their, you know, CCA's focus is average anglers what we're allowed to do, what we're not allowed. Do you guys have helped out greatly cabins for clean water. There focuses on the clean water side. If you are literally in a position that you can join every every organization that is your primary because what you love to do at the cost of why wouldn't you do baffles me. You're totally baffles me. And again, what you're paying for people probably get tired of me on this kick, but I really don't care. What you're paying for is your. Voice to be heard that's what you're paying. For you're not paying some organization just to throw, money at him you're paying to be heard you're paying so that we can go in and we can go in. And say, on behalf of the fourteen thousand members. Of CCA Florida this is what, we, want. You to, hear gusting to me, that make decisions that's disgusting to me that, you would, say fourteen thousand members owns higher now but will I, don't care if it's twenty five thousand should be two and a half million yeah. Exactly how many counties surrounded by water. It should be in the millions we should make NRA look like a joke fishing's the number one participation sport in the country and I'm a member of the NRA as well more members. In CCA than we. Have in, the NRA doggone it I'm I'm I'm getting there getting a good mood, we'll be back seventy WFL.

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