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And EA's on-demand. See details at turbo tax dot com. Okay. We got a jump back to the nineteen thirties. Now, we went ahead a little bit to talk about the thirty three and a third versus forty five rpm speed wars that stretched all the way into the late nineteen forties. Back to the nineteen thirties in nineteen thirty two under pressure from the United States federal government. The partners that formed. Our CA all jumped ship at issue was the monopoly like status that RCA enjoyed as both an operator of radio stations, and as an arm for these various companies to develop and sell technologies. So in other words, the government that had created this monopoly now fell the maybe things have gone a bit too far because remember the United States made this monopoly, they encouraged it. And now they were saying well, this is getting a bit uncomfortable. So General Electric Westinghouse and AT and T also their interest in our C a to the new company and be. Am a independent company called the RCA corporation. David Sarnoff would remain in charge of this new independent company. RCA was a pioneer in another big consumer electronic category, which would be television RCA had employed Vladimir's, Oregon, the television developer who had fought for the title of inventor of television untitled that most people would give to his rival Filo Farnsworth Farnsworth. I demonstrate electric television back in nineteen twenty seven can however had worked with a guy named Boris Rausing in Russia who had been working on a similar experiment more than a decade before Farnsworth demonstration. But Rusling's work had not really reached a level of sophistication interesting enough for big business at the time. And it was crude by comparison to farnsworth's invention Sarnoff with hires work into head up a division and RCA to develop electronic television technology with the goal of creating a consumer product in the future. Now as a whole RCA would invest around fifty million dollars into this project, which is a princely sum today. But remember this was back in the late twenties and into the thirties and forties that was a truly gargantuan sum of money back then and it shows how Sarnoff the man who had proposed the radio music bucks before becoming the head of our CA could see how the future of an entertainment might unfold, he he was convinced that television would be the next big thing after radio, and you certainly could say he was absolutely right now all of that work that this investment would bring about would get shown off on a very large stage. The nineteen thirty nine world's fair in New York City RCA demonstrated the electronic television system there and broadcast. The first televised address by US president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt that same year RCA would pay Farnsworth some licensing fees. To use some of his patents and RCA began selling television sets. They're pretty darned small the picture tubes. Measured five by twelve inches or twelve point seven by twenty five point four centimeters..

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