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You get. Some lesson shot out to young and good morning. I'm GonNa tell you what trying yesterday couldn't get through really happy. Birthday appreciation for life is is. You're you're you're gonNA love you to death. You're ready gets weird when you're not in his room. I blush brother. Thank you. I know the phone crew. My phone's ringing off the day. From your thank you appreciate. You appreciate the shutout today. Shaw what up signed you trade. Your dream leading brought us. Would they won? They won? Shot out to Avis Denise. Hiatus Good Morning. Are You walking today? She should be walking out to tricky. Lewis Twenty nine electric a hatred for tracks tricky YouTube. Put up a video when you can't see putting the room. I want tricky in the battle. Each other tricky would wear chicken shutouts. Death to twenty five. Different types of doesn't matter trend is still two different type of tricky buses at Charlotte Jaren Jackson Daddy. All she said. What are we supposed to do when they go out? When we go on break dare I watch the reruns pick? Just go that our feet. Just scroll real fast and whatever your finger lands on play that episode guarantee you. It'll be funny and now we're all in the chat. I mean yeah. We'll be able to break out. We will still pose post shoutout to Dalla Andrews so let's go and shout to Audrey Johnson and Beautiful Sunny Florida. Bless her shoutout to Deborah Leslie AIDS boroughs everybody March. It's going down corner of Frederick Douglas and Saint Nick One hundred twenty six. Pm Six PM. Meet in front of the Harry Thomas To celebrate her birthday. Yes please please please please. So they can be twenty minutes. Shout out to squeaky pinkish jumped on the scene. She run with US heavy. Yes she did and she's actually going to be out of the room and she's doing a training or project or something in China to her your money shot to Khalil Rasheed. Hey y'all do. I've still believed that said. He never lost his phone and he got locked up and it's not the wrong with that because when he got right back to show and that's actually support he knows were home. Endelman shout out to Margarite rough. Hey Marguerite Zinni. She couldn't get through yesterday. She all the time. Yeah she some me. Happy both saw. That would have been nice yesterday. I'm so sorry no nobody could get through. I appreciate your shoutout to Valerie. Thomas Freshman breaking shoutout to Sean Brown Oliver Halen on Good Morning Shout to Leshan Hanes Jones Halen Audience John. She's going on her trip on the fourteenth. So Leshan beefsteak from saw. Please I beg if you have. If it's in your schedule you can you stand out there and help the ball. I don't want this woman lose her mind on the the daren off Andy Birthday Sean. Since I can't get through against some sing it to you happy birthday to.

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