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One hundred percent be negotiated and navigated from from berge man's perspective most general matters what happened with mike hoffman was unique it was unique and i think that there's a bit of a back story to all of this to the ottawa senators were almost instant in putting out the press release at hoffman had been traded to the san jose sharks i don't think that san jose florida had completed the deal at the point of ottawa releasing the information that he'd been traded to san jose so the rumor is that you know maybe doug wilson called back and said hey hold on a second year like i wish you hadn't done that because there could be another element to this so i mean that's kind of the rumor and if it happened whatever at the end of the day peer door and made it clear it has media vel ability he talked to toronto he talked to montreal he talked to the teams in the division and he was very comfortable with what he got from san jose so one thing i've always always embraced his how difficult it is to to execute those three way deals i mean you look at the the tourist who shane trade i mean that deal happened it was not going to happen and it was back on i mean it's just in that deal confused the hell outta me it still is to this day but it just it worked out so well it's the one way the one team can absolutely maximize return would carlson street potential trade from the ottawa senators does it have to include a third a third team to be able to make all the piecework or as one on one as you point out vegas the most likely way carlson guests rate.

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