Russia, Celine Garrett, President Trump discussed on Wayne Cabot and Paul Murnane


That seems incredibly unfair next weekend organizers are planning what they call massive protests in major cities steve futterman cbs news mcallen texas turkish president hairdo on has one second term in office in election that russia's him a lot of powers you didn't have before bbc news correspondent celine garrett has more from istanbul your position had fell to that to the power was within their reach they had dreamt of this for over a decade they had felt that they could actually change things with a fierce campaign that they had lead but president rigid title don proved once again that he was invincible and he has a lot of power now the new system of government abolished the office of prime minister in an empowers him the president takeover and executive branch to form the government he'll have power to appoint ministers vice presidents issued decrees prepare the budget and decide on security policy it's eight thirty five wcbs sixty nine degrees in the sunshine and police have arrested a man accused of severing his wife's armed with a steak knife young lou was arrested near niagara falls on saturday night police officer recognized his face from a handout that was put out by federal marshals in that area police say that he chopped off his pregnant wife's arm above the elbow during an argument last thursday in sunset park brooklyn doctors were able to reattach the arm the woman and her baby ever since have been said to be stable the suspect reportedly was captured with a life jacket and had plans to try and swim to candidate for his getaway sixty seven heading for a delightful eighty or so this afternoon wcbs cbs.

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