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In the third inning of the game in april. probably not. it's it's going to be so so so interesting. I just hope that it doesn't suck all the fun out of his team because they really truly have an exciting roster and it's only going to go three agency. Well i listen. I think that larussa smart enough to understand all of that. And he's he's not dumb enough to try to just impose old school ways on a team like that and suck the life out of them aggie and even said this week that once. Jerry reinsdorf told ozzy that he would not be the manager as was pretty upset about it but when he was told that it was going to be. Tony larussa is. He said it's the greatest move they could make. So why don't we jason. Let's bring in. Let's bring in someone else. Who has played for tony larussa. Maybe he can put your concerns at ease. How about somebody ryan -tario should we give them a call. I jason. so you're upset about the larussa higher. Because you're such a big white sox fan. I want to bring in someone. I'm not sure if he can actually give us make us feel a little better about it but he did play for tony larussa two time world series champ former cardinal and former cub now host of the riott podcast on one. Oh four or five. Espn baton rouge ryan. -tario is joining us. Hi ryan alario. Great peggy our you. We are doing okay. But i gotta talk jason off the ledge here because he really wanted. Aj hinch in chicago on the south side and instead it looks like jerry reinsdorf got his way and is kind of you know making things better at thirty four years ago when larussa was fired by the white sox played for tony larussa. So first of all. Were you shocked when you heard that. The white sox hired him and brought him out of retirement to manage again. I look i wouldn't say shocked was a little surprise. You know when when the Brought back last year houston kinda bianca. I thought i had say. And he's probably gonna come on and manage again talking to rival those guys had and you know let's stuff with No i mean. I don't think shocked the word surprise. Probably a little bit like you said that. There's some very qualified managers that are out there still but i think doing very job You know we you. You played for him right before he retired winning. Winning the title in saint louis. You were brought. I believe they traded for you right that season. I signed a finding a free agent. Okay so you signed as a free agent so take us back to twenty larussa. At time was sixty in his mid sixties late sixties. What was he like to play for. you know what what should we expect. Well you know. I was very blessed to play hall of fame. Caliber managers You know l. la and baker. Joe torry Tony bruce bochy. You know so. It was really awesome to me to be around. These base. Bikes and leaders Tony of all of those guys are prepared By far meaning nothing taught him off guard. He had sticky stotts and information for everything that was going on the of today's game We will not be too much for him. he's probably actually gonna love it. you know. And and And the great communicate. You know a guy that can get that can communicate with all different types of baseball player that you had no clubhouse. Major league can be extremely diverse Guys from all over. America different backgrounds. But with all the major sports you know probably soccer is similar but you have players different areas of the world and bomb different cultures and tony was just the master force communicating with all these players. Play hard for jason. Good thing that the thing that i've been seeing on twitter and honestly little bit and mentally stay with myself that i think people are getting the most caught up in the age. Seventy six years old is not young. No matter how good you look no matter how good you sound. Do you think that the age is really gonna matter because people are worried. So much about their god. It's gonna peak when he's eighty and we needed demand for the next decades. You think age is really gonna matter. What the objective is a racist to win the world series. That's a great question. i mean what. What is the manager. really do in any way. It's a great question to ask now more than ever when we see a move like kevin cash smell. And it's been rumored you know that came from cop and everybody says the general managers another shippers actually making out the lineup smile and and he manages just million in your head. You've seen managerial salaries. Go down because of that. They've added back in analytic support You know zoom meetings with harvard grads get never played baseball before telling you know major grand jury who should probably in what condition in a game has shifted and changed quite a bit. I don't think tony's age has anything to do with you know now. He's even in good health. I know that You know he's got a ton of energy But i i don't see that being a problem it would be a problem if he says. Hey guys i'm gonna manage for a couple of years and then i'm out you know. Then you gotta wonder free agents are gonna wanna come in and play. If they don't know what type of stability gonna be a banjo standpoint. But i see in taking the job. Jason and last he's got five six seven years in and you know to give to organization a couple named i've seen brought up your your and chris carpenter was mentioned as a potential to be the new pitching coach. And on your molina. Who's created this year twitter. This week the his name was mentioned as potentially being brought into the white sox backup catcher so can be on either of the two former teammates. The impacts and House like their abilities would help the white sox if they were coming out the organization next year we'll start ever see out again back up so You know we're talking about the greatest catch and every year on you know. I don't care what you say guys. Expensively impacted the game in an era where great athletes. I mean the the peak of the athlete in baseball and yanni was shut down the offensive game. Changer thought himself to be a a really good hitter. You know so. I don't see now if you could get chris carpenter to manage to coach and that'd be a great get car has some really interesting traits. We saw what he did on the field. You know i'm saying. Saudi did eleven in the world series. Great career prior to that but just a leader in every sense of the word players gravitated toward him when he spoke people listening. You know he's kinda got that commanding personality. You mentioned the game changing and get a little bit younger and and a little bit more. Flashy you know it. It's tony gonna have the ability to change. You know if you bring in. Chris rock and they're going to have the ability to change. Because it's not what it was five ten fifteen twenty years ago you know as far as the players expressing themselves differently and and the unwritten rules are starting erase as we've all seen so i think there's gonna be some give and take on both sides. Motorist this marriage to work. But i do think it's environmental higher anytime you can bring on and tony larussa. I think i think he gotta do. Y'all honestly i'm still just before and a few interviews talking about this. He's the greatest baseball mind. I've ever been around and i mentioned some pretty good ones and it's taking nothing away from the guys. I played for because they're all phenomenal managers but he just.

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