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Protesters Twitter has now hidden that tweet Facebook CEO Zuckerberg says while he doesn't like the post he's committed to free expression well today is the official start of hurricane season and already we could see a third tropical storm system arrives in the Atlantic the system will likely linger in the southern Gulf near land for a few days so that poses a real forecast challenge but most indications are the system will move north towards Texas or Louisiana by the weekend it's too early to know the exact track and intensity but stay weather aware that CBS meteorologist Jeff Beyer deli let's find out how wall street's doing this afternoon I'm Jeff Clabaugh the Dow is up sixty seven point C. as a B. five hundred index is up by half percent money using ten minutes on WTOP sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda and a two forty five Jonathan warm layers will be paid and keeping them safe from corona virus MLB is looking at an eighty two game season with pay cuts on a sliding scale the union's latest proposal calls for a hundred and fourteen games running till October thirty first and a one hundred million dollar advance to players for a second spring training the nationals meanwhile have decided after all to pay their minor league players the full four hundred dollars per week they announced yesterday they would get a one hundred dollar weekly cut right after that closer Sean Doolittle and his teammates revealed that they would make up the difference the national women's soccer league will start its season June twenty seventh with the challenge Cup in Utah with the Washington spirit.

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