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When two thousand nine with Manny Ramirez tested positive. We work can't in hand with the DA which when I was in our hour and I was asked a couple of times to join in the security side, but seeing what they did, I decided I wanted had no interest in that. I joined the department investigations after the Mitchell report with the understanding that you know, we were going to be an outfit that was independent of the Labor Department, and we will be able to actually investigate along with law enforcement. The different issues that we found that would put into question the integrity of the game. So along those lines, when we finally able to get information, we've got sources that could make phone calls into people involved with Anthony boss, and we went to the DA gave him all the information we've had and they started. On the way in the investigation to go up in a wiretap that happened in two thousand twelve early in two thousand thirteen January, the Miami New times comes out with a newspaper article where they had gained measures from an individual that work with Anthony boss by the name of porter, Fisher. What happened then? Is that the Labor Department. Under Dan Halen in rugby. Along with the Elec decided that wasn't moving quick enough for them. So unbeknownst to us, the members of Delyth they started their own investigation and you know the DA wasn't happy about that. And so what did you think was the most interesting thing in all of that time covering biogenesis because you're someone who believes that the sport is still populated with this kind of drug use. Right. Yes, I don't believe that it's all the people the end that that I have had spoken to that were actually involved in in dealing PD's and you know the person that I quote in the book, one of the persons that quote in the book is major league baseball expert and PD's. Anthony, Bosch himself who testified at the at the hearings for a ride application hearings for for a rod. And he tells us when we interview them recently that there are, you know, pop approximately seventy percent of the players. E believes using PD's. Why did you write the book. Wrote the book because I went in thinking, I left the police department early thinking, this is one of a kind type of investigative unit. I don't. I really don't believe it will ever exist again. And I thought according to Mitchell's recommendations that we would actually be doing something that nobody has ever done before. I mean, actually working inside with the cooperation of the commission is authors like things that would calling into question the integrity of the game. I found out that that wasn't the case. I, you know, it's, I was very disappointed in the fact that we thought we were doing something that would have been, you know, extremely good for for the game of baseball, and it turned out that it wasn't. So I felt like you know, people would be interested in finding out what what it is that goes on behind the curtains that. Make baseball. When did you realize it wasn't what you thought it was? I realized that I, I realized that I got a hint of it late in two thousand and eight. Actually when we first got the first year we started and then it just grew and grew. And I went in and spoke to my supervises Dan Mullen, George Hanna when that first incident happened and I had called the Boston police and I was ready to go back and they talked me off the ledge and I stayed there. All right. So the name of the book. Again, Eddie Dominguez he's exploring the dark side baseball cop, the dark side of America's national pastime. We appreciate it any. Thank you for the time. Dan, thank you Don card. Vladimir Guerrero seventh in war in nationals Expos, history stugatz how many Expos are head of him? Oh, easy. Gary Carter's I hit him Raines rock. Andre Dawson Steve Rogers, Tim Wallich well, and then Ryan Zimmerman, and then ZIM these live at our show with this two guys on ESPN radio, Ron McGill had a zoo emergency. We don't like it when we hear that, but he was supposed to be here in fifteen minutes. He might be later on this week, Tom Barringer gonna join us twelve thirty eastern, and we've got a couple of rock climbers and an interesting story coming up at noon that we want.

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