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Doing here on the show we're doing bonus episodes every single month for ad free shows dot com. Of course you get all of our shows. Early in ad for and ad free shows dot com and our and this has been a lot of fun. But i gotta tell you. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next with You and buzz and dick and only may actually throw that in my google machine and go watch the match finished recording today. Yeah and see if you can locate somewhere along the way doing research we talked about this. I think last episode to there is a spot. There where bret wayne sawyer or brett sawyer was called both was any match with us or at least me A shot amounts of the floor and punted him in the head. Which later became the randy. Orton planning ahead. See if you could find that footage it's gotta be around somewhere. It happened on. The floor is on all fours. And that's what a putting ahead became a fetish. That's got a lot to do with stirring that angle up between buzz. And dick and i can't wait man's going to be a lot of fun. Hope you guys are enjoying it as much as we are embi. Sure to go see on every single wednesday on tnt or see him live because they w is coming to town near you at e wti x dot com until next time he is at the orange. Show i am. Hey it's conrad and we are out of time. We'll see you next week right here on our man. I love talking about jim. Crockett promotions with our own anderson. It feels like it's like the perfect match right arn anderson. Jim crockett only anderson. The four horsemen the carolinas. I dunno just goes together with our own anderson like peas and carrots and finding that person you want to spend the rest of your life with is great. But don't we all hate the pressure of what's next of course there's the engagement talk but then there's the pressure maxx shopping for a ring. The hassle the haggling finding store trust. But then you gotta figure out the four and all the damn discounts and sales coupons and styles and all the other nonsense. Hey but at least all those are fantastic reasons for putting off kidding. Engaged right well. That's why guys really hate steven singer..

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