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To be you know theoretically more expensive than this generation Asian was so it's it's a it's a tough spot for them to be in but they just are no longer going to be able to compete on the same scale that they used to. There's just too much competition. Not only from online retailers today than there was at the start of this generation you know back in two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen but also you know the rise of digital all in streaming and cloud gaming is really going to be the focus for the next generation beyond so I hope that they can pivot on. I hope that they stay afloat. I I had suggested that maybe they team up with toys R. US and they make just one big game and toy conglomerate Kevin that who you like putting towards the resort Kevin or somebody was those you you're you're taking credit for that with Geico full tar target already sold pharmaceuticals calls but they partnered up with CVS and had CVS inside target because it's a name brand that people recognize sure yeah. I do think it's interesting that he calls out the fact that yeah them announcing early conflict us. I've never thought about that from their perspective. That's a great way to totally stymie sales for us right now and stop people from coming in to buy cheaper version of an xbox or something perfect. Yeah I mean in the harbor. Makers are affected by that too. I think there's just an ever increasing pressure for them to be transparent with what their plans are and as a consumer consumer I mean we WanNa know as early as possible but when the harbour coming you know what I mean but I absolutely see the other side of it where it's frustrating for both the people who make the hardware and the people who sell it yeah I see a your Ron here from the NATO biologist and I don't want to say it's official. I would link on this. Banana Biologists writes in and says to clarify only expansion one for controls launching limited time expansion two with Alan wake content will launch at the same time on all platforms. I would like a link from confirm that so I can see where you're pulling that. I'm trying to look at the stupid. Put Goddamn spreadsheet now when you release a game but it's like a three eighty image. I can't Laurie from even content of it. I I think will make it to the next generation. Of course they will was is it an of course you think we're talking about. Twelve twelve to sixteen months from right now keeps getting more and more bad news talk some more and more tee off the boat here. Listen let's talk. Let's talk about these numbers. They I mean and adjusted net loss you know of of thirty two million I mean there are q two earnings. Let me see pull actual earnings report here they're they're still pulling in a lot of revenue short the only way that they like ninety five percent of the stores are profitable right the only way that they wouldn't make AAC it is if they were continuing to hemorrhage money which they're not you know they're sea. Level Staff is trying to triage the situation and prevent the company from collapsing elapsing by trimming stores that are under performing which is what you do right you gotta get some of your expenses off the books and so they said you know the global sales dropped fourteen percent in a two to one point three billion so they're still doing over a billion dollars in sales. That's a lot of money sure sure so I mean I think I think that making it to next. Year is an absolute yes because again. I'm not a business majors. You know what I mean. I majored in hard yet. Get your tired. I don't know if you noticed first outfit. I ever worn again. I was noticing that as I like I looked the we have a monitor down here and I was like that is the I I almost wore that dress to like I was like Tang. Maybe I should wear and then I was feeling like wait a minute video. Oh yeah cheers greg cheers the Kevin Lift your glass to Joey and bring you know he's got a phone over there at the station. He's got to keep the ship. It's for me. It was like I couldn't I found it so unbelievable that no one bought game stop when they were like we're looking to purchase. I was like Oh somebody's going to do who at come in and cleave at down to what it needs to be and then when nobody did that's when I was like Oh that's even west way worse and now they're making these I think to be more sexy and be more profitable and be like all right cool now by exit strategy yeah for sure I mean their business was for lack of a more finessed term a little bit messy before because they had so many different verticals underneath their umbrella you know with Spring Mobile and things in their brick and mortar and then their website business and they had some other things as well and so if you're looking at their balance sheet as a potential investors kind of like this is a lot to deal with much and so I think their their team's doing the right thing and saying hey let's clean up our books. Let's make ourselves delves more tractable.

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