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I'm with you there. I on the flipside of that Josh Rosen who you and I were we were lacking step here. We thought Josh Rosen was the most NFL ready. He was by far. I thought the worst of the young quarterbacks last year. I think that this higher is basically tailor-made to help this kid reach the potential that we thought he could reach. What are your thoughts? I it's the same because of shaman vein. The Rams Matt Nagy in the in the in the Chicago Bears. You see that leflore not necessarily in Green Bay. But it's about scoring points. That's what this leagues all about. And people say what you will look at the defense plate last week between Dallas and the ravens. Yeah. But the teams score all the points where at home, relaxing and Chilin New Orleans. The rams. The chiefs. Yeah. You score points. Look what it gets you. It gets you a week off or you don't have to play in a while car around. So I say that because when you look at we're Josh Rosen and that team is at in Arizona, George they want to keep their cap space. So they need Josh Rosen the play better. So you hire a coach makes him play better. Because now you get to keep that seventy million kept space. You could spend it on players and not have to worry about buying another quarterback. Yeah. For sure I don't think there's any question about that. The cardinals have not to go too far on the cardinals. But the cardinals have some pieces, right? Like they drafted Josh to be the guy right there. These guy receive in Christian kirksey, still got Larry FitzGerald, David Johnson at running back. They gotta show up. The all Jone Jones Patrick Peterson Hedrick Peterson's not going anywhere left tackle left tackles good to write the left tackle by God. Yes. But he's good. He's good too. So that's what's trending in regards to cliff kings bearing USC next a former ram offense coordinator in title only. But he did coach QB's I believe as well to Matt leflore is now going to be the headband in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers do you like that mix? Kirk. That's the tough one because he was the offense coordinator last year for Tennessee with Marcus mariota. They actually were worse on offense and they were the year before. So this was more of how do we get a guy that can be in line with Aaron Rodgers? I think that's what this one's really. Remember people joked about oh, you know, Sean McVay is going to be, you know, Jared goff's buddy with this one. I think has to be the similar situation with with Matla floor bringing the buddy of Aaron Rodgers or those two guys working together because he was an offense. According to the Rams doubles title only there. Offense coordinator, Sean McVeigh, but he had that title in this year when he actually called plays offense. Wasn't as good as they were. So I'm still scratching my head on this George. Yeah. I'm not I'm not necessarily keen on it. I like the idea in theory. Right. I don't know how much I love it in practicality with Aaron Aaron can be a little difficult at rhymes. And look all great minds are right. Lebron isn't always easy to to work with right? That's historically been the case in Aaron is very much like LeBron in that sense. But it is going to be interesting. I think that at least he brings fresh ideas to the table, which is something Mike McCarthy was not bringing clearly Aaron was tired fit that fan based. That's that's a that's a college style fan base that they're all about football. There is no other sport in Green Bay. It is all football when you get off at that airport the Green Bay airport. They don't have brochures and pictures of hey, come check out this theme park. You know, it is about cheese. In visiting lambofield. That's. You're listening to Caspian Los Angeles. So one last football story here in what's trending, which is Bruce Arians is going who was formerly of the Zona cardinal. You're off to do basically broadcasting for Fox Sports. And now he's going to Tampa Bay bucks with Todd Bowles as his defensive coordinator worked with Todd Bowles before. So they're going to the bucks to work with James. Do you like that move?.

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