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Charles Floyd tramped through the woods of East Liverpool Ohio. He'd been on the run for over a year and he knew the cops were still on his tail after all FBI Director J Edgar, Hoover had fingered him for what went down in Kansas City. It didn't matter how much floyd denied having anything to do with those dead officers. Hoover had labeled him public enemy number one that left floyd with two choices run or end up six feet under like John Dillinger Floyd chose to run but after being spotted on October Twentieth Nineteen thirty four around East Liverpool he really needed to lay low. So at the site of a friendly little farmhouse, he slow down walked up and knocked. Forty one year old ellen cockle opened the door and honestly she didn't know what to make of the disheveled fellow on the other side. He told her he was a hunter but there was something about his eyes when he said it, she didn't buy it. Ellen was a widow and all alone. So when the shabby looking man asked if he could enter, she felt like she didn't have any other choice she even went as far as making the disconcerting stranger a warm meal serving up spare ribs, Rice Pumpkin Pie and coffee. Floyd couldn't believe his luck. He told Ellen that the spread was a meal fit for a King. It was something worth acknowledging. For A boy who grew up in abject poverty? Was Born in Nineteen Oh four in Georgia. But grew up in Oklahoma after his family moved there in nineteen eleven like almost everyone he knew his parents were farmers who barely got by there was no honor in poverty and eventually not having enough to eat war on floyd right about when he turned eighteen, he'd had enough. So he robbed a neighborhood post office and got away with it if he couldn't come by the good things in life honestly then he get them the other way. The first big job floyd pulled was a payroll robbery at a kroger store warehouse in Saint Louis Missouri. He walked away heavy with approximately twelve thousand dollars and he likely felt grand but the good vibes didn't last his first big job earned him a stint in the Missouri State Penitentiary it wouldn't be his last. The Minute Floyd was released he got right back to pulling cons. He was happy to dabble with stick them up bank jobs but another of his specialties became highway robbery it was like fish in a barrel. All Floyd had to do was stand by the road with a power to flash machine gun and they could take their pick of any drivers bounty. Sure. It meant that floyd spent periods of nineteen, twenty, nine and nineteen, thirty in and out of jail but it beat being poor life was good. It was around this time that floyd picked up the nickname pretty boy some claim it was given to him by particularly amorous sex worker. He patronized floyd hated the moniker but his problems went it was a pretty benign one to have. And then things got complicated. Floyd continued to escalate his criminal activity and from nineteen twenty, nine to the early nineteen thirties. He mainly became involved in robbing banks. He hit up banks across the Midwest primarily in Ohio and Oklahoma with a crew of big time heavies. He became infamous for using machine guns and firing their bullets at a whim. His cavalier violence might be why the police suspected him for the Kansas City massacre what went down in Kansas City initially had nothing to do with floyd instead, it concerned a career criminal named Frank Nash. Nash had been convicted of assault armed brewery and murder. He was on the run after escaping prison in nineteen thirty however, three years. Later, he was caught an on June seventeenth nineteen, thirty three a group of armed officers were tasked with transporting him back to the Leavenworth prison outside of Kansas, city however upon arriving at Union station on route to the penitentiary gunmen opened fire on the group according to several accounts. The assailants were accomplices of Nash who were trying to help rescue him. If this was the case, their efforts were counterproductive as Nash was caught in the crossfire and killed. So worth three officers and one federal agent. Doodoo his presence in the area at the time and his notoriety as a trigger happy gunman FBI Director J Edgar Hoover fingered floyd as the mastermind behind the shootings declaring him public enemy number one after that the chase was on and pretty boy floyd was forced to go on the run. Coming up the police tried to track down pretty boy floyd. Listeners. Who Doesn't love a good ghost story rattling chains mysteriously moving objects unfinished business. 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Overall Home Security of twenty twenty head to simplisafe dot com slash today and get a free hd camera that simplisafe dot com slash today to make sure they know that our show sent you. Now back to the story. On October Twenty Second Nineteen thirty four pretty boy floyd was on the run from the FBI and by the end of the day, he'd be dead in the crossfire of a federal manhunt. FBI Director J Edgar Hoover had helped apprehend notorious gangster John Dillinger, and he was determined to do the same with Charles Pretty Boy Floyd. But Floyd was putting on a good escape act in the aftermath of the Kansas City massacre. He'd.

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