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And everything and Good Morning I'm Brian Basham and I'm nick anchor will good to be with you today Bash we've been having a great time working together on world, watch at current events video news for teens, doing a great job with that and a really nice response so far to our free news in three videos. We've been making since the spring, but today that today's different day. Day. This is a real milestone for us it is, it is nick. We've released kind of prototype this morning. A prototype in the ten minute Daily News video that we're rolling out in August for schools and home schools so more than the three minute videos we've been doing since. The first of May disagree a real flavor for what World Watch is going to be. It's ten minutes of news and features and will take the time to deliver the news, but also go. Go into what it means. We're going to give students and teachers and parents good fodder for talking and thinking and helping to develop a Christian mine around the news of the day. That's really an excellent product, and we've got a link to it in today's transcript of this program, world and everything dot org, or if you can remember world. Watch DOT news. You can pay a visit to that site World Watch Dot News now if you are subscribed already to the youtube. Youtube channel and you should be but if you are, it will come up in your feed youtubecom. Slash World Watch News, so be sure to check that out a free ten minute. Prototype of World Watch will I up on the world and everything in legal docket and today with Mary, record on vacation and speaking of new features to come from world. You will hear from Mary's partner today in the upcoming legal docket podcast, a report from journalist and lawyer Jenny rough. Man! What do you want? It's been seven weeks.

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