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Jersey one a 1.5 news time 70 for now, New Jersey one on 1.5 fast traffic. It is a slow go in Newark on the West on sign of 78, the local lanes west of the turnpike heading out towards exit 56. If the same thing happens tonight happened last night. This delay is because they're in the process of closing the express lanes coming off the main line that turned by that two mile stretch initially off, 78 is pretty heavy in the local lanes. But once you get past that a good run out to the parkway 24 And 2 87 to 80 on the westbound side. That's a slow ride across tickle drawbridge out towards exit. 14 and Newark sound downturn by Western Spur that still jammed up coming down towards 15 W with an accident. Theo Eastern Spur definitely looks like a better spur. At the moment, the car and truck lanes both in pretty good shape on totally Avenue South bound to sow the route three in North Bergen has a water main break. The right lane is out of service is actually a little closer to see Caucus road. And route. 53 is closed in Franklin on the south outside right near Station Road, and that is because of the water main break. Also reports of a crash in Manchester and Ocean County on 70 westbound at Becker Ville Road. Traffic every 15 minutes. You're next. Reported. 7 18, Mike Barker on New Jersey. 101.5, New Jersey Traffic bronze. You buying Hamilton, Honda, Look for spectacular fall savings right now on Hamilton Honda, where you were set for life with lifetime oil and filter changes in car washes. Call them at 609528 26 100 or visit them online at Hamilton Honda dot net. New Jersey one on 1.5 news time. Seven of six New Jersey 11.5 days we talk And weekends. We ride fast traffic and instant weather every 15 minutes. Listen on our free app and on New Jersey one at 1.5. Place your legal sports bets at place. Sugar house dot com. Your new home for sports betting millions.

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