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So because they have to go up against players who are actually doping, but again baseball, it's different. I mean, I remember is playing high school baseball that there was a lot of pressure about chewing tobacco. For example. The chewing tobacco was always part of playing baseball. And there's a lot of peer pressure about that. Are creating became a big substance in the nineties. I remember you go to GNC and you'd get the creatine, and it would help you with your weight lifting routine or whatnot. And high school is school kid. I know kids were taking taking create teen at chewing and using chewing tobacco. So which is not a performance as it was just part of the culture of baseball. But I would say while and I want to say very clearly the high school patients that Tony Bosch had. That was a crime. And in fact, he went to prison for that. I think it's child abuse. And we said where was the department of children family services because those children did not just come in off the street? They were brought by adults to his to his clinic. But ultimately, I gotta be honest. I don't really give a shit about steroids in baseball. That is really a contractual arrangement between when people go. There are league. It's a legal substance. It's legal. It's their banned in the context in in many cases in the case of human, growth hormone and toss room when you're getting a legitimate prescription from a real doctor, that's a contractual arrangement in in in the between the players union and the and the league's for me. It's not something that we should be making a federal case out of literally when you have baseball players dragged in front of congress understand they have a legal monopoly, and so congress exercises a bit more oversight. But that's all dog and pony political nonsense political theater. Because if you wanna talk about a real national health and safety issue, there's one shot in the documentary. And there wasn't any way to really dive into that or create a pod out of it. But Tony Bosch says very explicitly that he had a hundred cop clients. So we had one hundred police officers from variety of jurisdictions down here in south Florida who came to his clinic shouldn't congress hold hearings about that. Nobody from any police department that I'm aware of or city commission or mayor or any county commission has asked Tony to follow up on that on who those people were taking steroids, and that creates a serious serious public health and safety issue in their police officers on steroids, and and people often ask me they say who's the new Tony Bosch? There must be somebody new in town where this is going on. Right. I said, okay. Just drive around like south Miami Hialeah, west Miami. Look specifically at strip. Malls, find one that has a sign that says clinic, and like mirrored windows that you can't see inside and has multiple cop cars from different departments parked in front of it. That's probably the new Tony and just to follow up on that wind. You think it's an issue for whether cops are taking something make their muscles bigger. Well, I think depending on what they're taking. In fact, we just had the former president of the fraternal order of police the police union in Miami actually endorsing on video a quote, weight loss center type of shady sort of gray market anti-aging kind of operation clinic, whatever I don't even know what to call it. That's why. So it's Cain, and shady, but the reason it's a problem is depending on what they're taking it dramatically impacts, their tempers anger impulses. These are men and women who have to make as they say split second life or death decisions. And we've seen a proliferation in Miami Dade County the last ten v. Eighteen twenty years of use police use of force of of on-duty shootings and killings. And I can't imagine that steroids has zero effect on that. And the union has consistently even more successfully than the Baseball Players Association has successfully subverted drug testing specifically steroid testing in their contracts with various jurisdictions..

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