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Some construction going on in plano only dallas north tollways sound found between spring creek road and parker road that construction has the two left lanes blocked and in arlington on 35 are on thirty westbound near highway sixty six fights drive there some more construction causing some traffic delays on these they meterologist calling coyle colder tonight after that front is roll through temperatures will fall into the mid thirty's overnight under mostly clear skies tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds at a cool afternoon highs near fifty tomorrow but we will warm up a bit on saturday we'll be back to near sixty on saturday with a few isolated showers around and we could even see a little bit of rain saturday night after that another front roles there will be in the fifties again on sunday would decrease in clouds right now it's fifty one degrees at love field news brought to you by stretchered foundation repairs it was fifteen years ago today that seven astronauts were killed on board space shuttle columbia one who strict michelle mcgann licht well was returning home after a sixteen day research mission when the shuttle began to break apart as it reentered earth it burned up over texas causing ports of the shuttle to fall from the sky it was later found that tiles damage during liftoff allowed atmospheric gases to penetrate the shuttle's weighing causing the ship to disintegrate 15 years later loved ones in the nation remembering lives lost and clayton 'evil a former dallas i s d human resources executive won't get sixty thousand dollars to settle a race lash sex discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit tiny grayson who is black was fired in july of 2015 grason allege that she faced a hostile work environment created by racial discrimination and sexual harassment in that she was fired after reporting it to the the district the dallas morning news reports district records show as a part of the settlement the isd agree to change or termination to a resignation greece in now works.

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