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To a close. dodie admitted to Benowitz that the entire Dulcie base was a ruse. But BENOWITZ didn't believe in. Meanwhile more was wracked with guilt over the benowitz affair. In nineteen, eighty, nine, he came clean about the Benowitz story at a UFO conference. He wanted to warn his fellow UFO researchers and explain to them just how far the government was willing to go to keep their secrets. But some weren't sure more was telling the truth they suspected his tail of being yet another plant cover up of a cover up. All in all the official story leaves much to be desired. The strange hovering lights over Kirtland have still never been explained. Nor of the cattle mutilations that swept the area during the nineteen seventies and eighties. And the undoubtedly expensive disinformation campaign the government undertook doesn't quite make. It all seems like an elaborate way to prevent the Soviets from accessing American intelligence. Next time we'll look at exactly what Benowitz reported in project. Beta. To that end, the conspiracy theories will cover our theory number one, the MJ twelve, a shadowy government organization really did exist and they were responsible for ufo contacts and cover-ups. Theory number to the United States government conspired with a million 's in order to gain access to their technologies. Finally, in theory, number three will explore if aliens actually are experimenting on Humans and livestock to understand life on earth. If, so perhaps, Paul Benowitz was onto something after all. Maybe we do need to prepare for extraterrestrial domination. Especially if the US government has no intention of taking the threat of an alien invasion seriously. Thanks for tuning into conspiracy theories. We'll be back Wednesday with part two project Beta for more information on project. Beta, we found project Beta, the story of Paul Benowitz, national security, and the making of a modern ufo myth by Gregg Bishop. Helpful to our research..

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