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Right. Who Does the Friday phone taps? Gary I do here. We go scary. Phone Elvis Elvis Duran phone tap alright. Scary it's the return of Mr Michael Oppenheimer. Yup here we go. Jack wants a phone tap his grandfather. Jim Jim hates being interrupted watching his afternoon. Tv programs by telephone telemarketers. So Jack wanted me to call him as Michael Oppenheimer our resident relentless telephone telemarketer and then later coaster. Boyd Josh makes a cameo. This is a good after all. He's phone tap debut. Josh and really. He's never been on the phone before. I think he has this. Mr Michael Oppenheimer phone tap debut. All right here we go. Today's good afternoon. This is Mr Michael Barr with clams for you. Dot Com. How you doing today Sir clam? Cu Dot com. I'm fine what you want is becoming a problem to get fresh seafood. You're selling right clams sell themselves. Who Are you. You're the leading seafood processing and Distribution Company. And we ship seafood. Dewick to you know packet seafood when you sent packing seafood. We send you see food. Fresh is caught and shipped. Only listen to me buddy. I don't have any time for all. Goodbye hello this is Mr Michael with clamps for six years you got balls calling me back again. What the Hell's with you I you. I wasn't interested any seafood. Eat CLAMS I hit. You know you your forty Food Sir. Mike. I don't get off the damn phone goodbye. Hello this is Mr Michael Oppenheimer. Lean even tell you. What are.

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