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He scores penalties. So he's jack-of-all-trades and he does it damn well as a Swiss army knife. In English army. Nice. That's true. Each just a fucking workhorse. Like you said. I mean, I have. I'm just like, who like this is James Milner? Like what? Like especially his performance in the Champions League, which I know we'll talk about tomorrow, but God. I mean, I feel like he's gonna be like one of those guys like you just don't like very underrated player because the front three are so like electric. Oh yeah. A grim agrout. And then also for media poked in the eye by for Tonkin. Without was nasty deep into the high socket. I posted that on our social media like Syria and like everyone else posting it. I like I cringe just up on anything is like when people get their throats cut movies again, like even even just saying that I just like fucking wins it like like that movie Sweeney, Todd, Johnny, Depp. I could watch it because I was like, oh, she's gonna cut. Everyone's fucking neck after he gives them a shave United. I couldn't. I can't do that shit and like watch too squeamish. Yeah, which is more wicked from you needed, like the ipads thing. Just trying to name a more conic person that could have patch. I'm just thinking like kill Bill who I mean, I mean, I patch any any pirate Barbosa a Nick, Nick fury. Oh, that's also true heads. Austin? I, yeah, the I mean, he lost his whole body so too, but he pulled it off. Well, Garth Nuder much better than Anna can Skywalker use my brother brother. Yes, Spurs are in trouble. I see put as a question, are Spurs in trouble. They've lost three straight games, which I think is so funny because people on Twitter, especially because the man you crew or like, you know, renew lose one game, but never loses her mind, but Fontanella loses three in a row. I'm counting to enter game from yesterday in like everyone's just like, wow pasta still such amazing. Fuck manager on like, I mean, there is some truth to that statement like imaginative winger. Did this last year or pep? Did this or Liverpool did this, but there's there's some media favorites and some media scapegoats, and podge is definitely a media favorite. It's going to be interesting to see what taught him can do next week when they, I think they play bright next week if they lose against Brighton, expect a media shit show. I wanna make like in the Premier League. I think hotch next pep right now has the most job security. Would you agree? I think in terms of job security, like I don't know like 'cause potch hasn't won like anything, but he's still like, but he's so really good, which is weird. You know, I mean, it's like in my sports brain, I'm like, trying to tell myself, he's really good, but the guy is one anything. I know the Tottenham listeners like arsenal fan, but like a like a, I like potch. Oh, why? But like I feel like any other manager would be getting torn to shreds. Right. Well, what about Liverpool when Klopp and his second year he finished seventh and there was no rumblings about him being fired. I think that, well, I think that was his defendant club. I mean, he came in half a year in east. Finally, getting all his players that he wants in like. Like impact is like this. This has been his squad, and this is his squad. They had for a while, you know, for club us coming in and like pretty much trying to like develop in create the Squatty has now just so we can see the end result and that is really fucking good. Yeah, I, I don't know. I'd say that pet potch Klopp are all tied in their job security. I think the other three teams or snow'll United and Chelsea. That's where the managerial issues might come to fold and be like, Yep, you're fired. At the end of this season. And might do it even if they win the league because you know, that's. I don't know arsenal did have the most secure job for like over two decades so true. Moving on to Manchester City versus Fulham..

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