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Spotless and so far hoping it stays that way through the rest of the afternoon. I'm Kurt Darling on the level on the go and on Twitter at 93 W. Y b, C and w y b c dot com Time is 11 06 Time for Tony Cats today on 93 w. Y B. C live from the Heartland and the Crossroads of America. It's Tony Cats today. The ENDA, which is putting its season back together. I'm happy about. I enjoy actually enjoyed going more than watching such a different experience. It is incredible. How strong How agile Um How they see the court how they see it, playing out kind of incredibly well, the N B A and the N Ba Players Association, which were getting back July 30th in Orlando, and that's where they play. All the games were basically gonna be in the bubble playoff game, Sam, according to sources they're going to allow Social justice statements. So instead of a player's last name, social Justice statement you can put in on on the jersey now..

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