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Well, I think as I eavesdropped on the conversation that it's not only lacy, but how your legacy ca then create opportunities gifts that will reveal in the future. So when you mention Charles Barkley while he didn't win a championship, you know, his career. And obviously is personalities gifts is what set the table for career in broadcasting and Charles, you never know some day. He may be governor of state, you know, in this country or curve who want a lot of camping trips like Hori, and while that was special and unique to be able to to win champships Santa Tonio in Chicago. I was how those experiences informed future as a general manager broadcaster. And then of course, now a coach, but legacy isn't. Portent that's a footprint that you leave behind. And there's the championship Ray the, obviously, which is ideal. But also there's legacy in terms of how you treat people and your integrity and the way you drive and things along those lines. So I kind of look at legacy of number our at least through you know, at a different lens. Maybe a number of different ways to look at legacy. You know, one of the things that when I think of legacy is obviously, you know, one of the legacies that you left being a head coach over at UCLA. And now would you see that job is vacant right now? And you're trying to figure out what should you do where do they go? How do they get back to where Westwood was the was the place every college basketball player on the west coast wanted to be what's the first thing that UCLA must do when they look at themselves in terms of going for the next higher. Well, you wanna look at a great fit. And so often fit is determined by timing and Earl Watson who I had the honour of coaching for four years. Matter of fact, he never missed a start an iron man, I as a starter for us for four consecutive years. And the fact that stops along the way not just UCLA. Then thirteen years in the NBA. And while he was in the NBA playing for Nate McMillan Huby Brown, you know, influenced by coaches and NBA. You know executives like Jerry West y'all so played for Jerry Sloan I learned from Popovich and our Sione when he was coaching DV dream in Austin, Texas. He's drawn from grapes peering through. So, you know, I feel this point with Earl Watson background is UCLA basketball players thirteen years. The league is experiences. Learn from different coaches time with the Phoenix Suns the head coach are set him up as the ideal marriage or fit and naturally UCLA's. Gonna do a national search president gene block, and yet let director, Dan Guerrero. Bob Myers, another my former players head of the search committee of and I think when all the dust settles. There won't be a better fit in the country. Then our Watson in terms of where he ad where he is in terms of his aides. He'd have the opportunity to stay at UCLA for some decades. And we haven't had continuity UCLA. John wooden was there for twenty seven years, and I've been one of the challenges when you look throughout the country the schools women national titles on a regular basis. Other one by coaches that have been there for fifteen twenty twenty five thirty thirty five forty years, consecutively whether it was eight off ramp, but Kentucky Duke, ROY Williams and Bill self currently Kansas North Carolina, lute Olson twenty five years. Tom is over twenty years behind your cues close to forty years. Jim Calhoun, Connecticut, you know, twenty five years of these coaches, stay in place, they kingdoms less. John wooden dairy off up did and even. Have tough years. They get bumped down the first round occasional losing season. I like Dylan over chain. Right. Went through some tough times early some tough times middle of his career vila-nova, but they stayed with them. And now he's want to out of three national titles. And he's been there sixteen seventeen years..

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