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Now. The panthers beat the jets. Nineteen to fourteen very entertaining. Game learned a lot from this game and it was great. It was a revenge game that i think everyone will remember for the rest of time My first as the jets will be bad. This year they will be bad they will still be the jets. But not really in terms of an indictment on zach wilson. Because i think he was solid he started off really bad he was one for eleven ended up twenty to thirty seven. Two hundred fifty yards two touchdowns and interception really settled in made some great throws on the run corey davis he. Him in court davis. He never huge connection. The defense vary injured. The mci becton injury is going to be huge. That was just really rough. Really tough to watch becton getting carted off thankfully is nowhere near as bad as it seemed. ended up being a dislocated knee. But him saying us playing so well while getting carted off the field in tears recitals. It was sad and tough to watch. That's also not good for your rookie quarterback who will now be running for his life in that division against defenses that he's going to be going up against because releasing your anchor. You're losing your foundation piece on that offensive line in mci becton and now zac. Wilson's you've got to be making a lot more place on the move but darnold darnold looked good He seemed to be benefiting from the adam gates departure but this improvement was expected. I don't think it could possibly get worse than it was with adam gates. Who's one of the worst coaches in the league. But still the jets still only nineteen points. Put up on offense christian. Mccaffrey so good. That's my that was my biggest takeaway. I get the sam darnold hype in places all team. You looked good but they still only scored nineteen points and christian. Mccaffrey was really stuck out to me because when he's on the field he is just an automatic production machine. I mean ninety. Eight receiving yards eighty nine or eighty nine receiving yards. Ninety eight rushing yards really close to getting a few touchdowns but that's just ridiculous. What he can do and he does it every week. He's healthy so really really hoping that they panthers keep him healthy because you can be an x factor for them when you have that reliable of target and that reliable weapon. He can really when you a few games throughout the year. So i love. I love the former mccaffrey. Donald looked good. Looked comfortable but the jets. They'll be competitive. The win more games than last year. But the jets will still be the jets. Speaking of historically bad teams. The texans texans beat the jags thirty seven to twenty one and that might be the most shocking performance of the week by far. He's the prize. I mean we should coming with the really veteran team. The houston has with david. Collies coached in the league for years. Tyrod taylor's been in the nfl for years. Lot of veterans on this team and a lot of guys that have been in the nfl for a long time. We spend a whole off-season clowning the texans organization. Everyone's saying they're going to be the worst team in the nfl. The worst team in history. Can you name this many players on houston and they have that chip on their shoulder. They know that i know that. That type of material from the media from the press fans the league. That feels some guys and tyrod taylor really shined because he put up two hundred ninety one yards three touchdowns and it was pretty cool to see pretty cool to see that from tyrod taylor who finally get opportunity to be the guy of. It's always seemed like there's always been a guy behind him He finally has a chance to really take that starting role he lifted up. The defense made plays but my main takeaways. How bad the. Jags looked i mean. How does urban meyer. Throw the ball fifty one times and trevor lawrence's first ever game. It doesn't seem efficient to me. I get your facing a deficit. But still you can't i. Don't airing it out fifty one times rookie quarterback. You're just asking for mistakes Because he's a rookie his first around four game. They're also really undisciplined. Ten penalties for eighty two yards travelers. Still put up yards three touchdowns. Three interceptions were were killer again. You can kind of limit those pass attempts and then you get results but that defense is bad. The jags events is bad. And i think this is a bad. Football team is going to be the worst football team in the league this year. And i don't know about urban meyer era. I know it's week it's week one and it's early already. Hearing the usc rumors he denied those today. But you at the usc job opened up. I could see this going south really fast. I fully expect it to be. But i just. Ceo and south. really fast. now the texans could they be a competitive team. I really don't think so. I need to see more. I needed to know at least cover the spread against the browns this week but they had a favorable matchup. So we'll see we'll see what this team looks like against a really really good browns team next week. Another defensive battle from sunday was the dolphins beating the patriots. Seventeen to sixteen by one point defensive battle. This game really came down to the wire came none of the fourth quarter to a scrambling makes a huge mistake late. I mean what are you doing. Your dude chucks the ball up into triple coverage to make seki psyche baubles patriots. Make a play. Turn turn the ball over to get hit hard on that play but you gotta throw that away on in that situation so that was rough. I still don't know what to really think about tool but they got the win. Because after that turnover the patriots were driving includes two chip shot field goal range and damian harris had a fumble and you know that had to drive bill bocek insane rough rough mistake but i just don't know what to think about too. He could have lost him. The game really. He should've lost in the game in that in that spot with interception mack jones. He passed his first test. He took care of the ball. Threw for two hundred eighty nine through touchdown Nelson aguilar through downfield was averaging seven yards per attempt. The patriots will find their groove in. They're gonna come together Looked at defensive. Still good with stefan gilmore. Coming back. they will be even better The offense will definitely come together. A little more those weapons all needed kind of build that chemistry with mack jones. I a lot more points this weekend. Against the jets and yeah. It was a great game. Great defensive battle. Those are the games you like to see. And the patriots start on one and the dolphins get the win. In foxborough.

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