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Case. As a matter of fact, moniker Crowley brought this up. In the last hour. And talking about how the big problem in today's culture is that many churches are just simply not engaged anymore. They don't want to have anything to do with the culture war and the Nashville area. It is shameful. Nashville, Tennessee, home of the Southern Baptist convention, the nation's largest non Catholic denomination, and you've heard diddly squat from those people. And why? Because they're scared. They don't want to offend the culture. So they stay quiet. There are more churches in Nashville than probably any other place in the United States of America. But the reason why the churches and these pastors are quiet is because they're cowards. They're spiritual cowards, and they would rather hide behind their pulpits. Trembling and their skinny jeans, and their bad cover bands, then deal with the issues of the day. And that's why we have chaos in the culture. That's why we have chaos in the culture. I know it's politically incorrect to talk about it. And I'll tell you, over the past year or so, I've called out a lot of these people. I don't get invited to a lot of the baptist things anymore. And you know what I'm okay with that. I'm okay with that. They tell me, every time you say go starts, every time that you come after us, we get calls, we get emails. We don't want to be involved. We don't want to be engaged in all this. All right, fine. Be cowards. Because that's what you are, and I don't mind calling you out. Republican Democrat, I don't care. I will say this, I am seeing more outrage about the transgender movement from the log cabin Republicans and gay Republicans than I have many people in the evangelical church community. Now what does that tell you? What does that tell you? Let's go to the phones here. 8 four four 747 88 68. I wasn't even I was not planning on talking about this. I just checked, I was checking something in this popped up and there we go. But what does it tell you that the L and the G and the B are more willing to condemn the T than the church community in America? What does that tell you? 8 four four 747 88 68. Let's go to Sean in North Carolina, Sean, what's on your mind? Hey Todd, how are you? Sean, I'm doing well. Thank you for asking. All right, thanks for coming back and you sound good and you're back into the fight again, which is great. Well, you know, it's good to be back and I appreciate all the kind words and prayers of folks offered up, but Sean, I'm fired up now. Yeah, so am I, but you know, it's really sad because again, you know, I've been listening to a lot of different people lately and they're talking about this whole thing with the trannies in all of this. I remember as kids, we knew who was so and we knew who to stay away from and again, it's just crazy because people that wake up every minute mad, but the sad thing is, is that these people are going to pay a heavy consequence in time to come because they're never going to fit in with their ideology. It's so absurd. It's insane. I sort of think that you posted with the country music awards. You know, I don't know why all these people are going hook line and think of for this and with The White House embracing the whole thing that you know the shooter was the victim and it's just, it really is, we're in like opposite world. I don't get it anymore. Really, I really don't, you know, I tell my kids to say a thing is, is my kids, they shoot from the hip and it's, you know, it's pretty sick because they could tell the difference right off the bat. Oh, Sean, I think we all can tell the difference. I do think though there is the broader issue is the attack on the family. And I wrote a book back in 2019 called culture Jihad. How to stop the left from killing a nation, and I warn people there was a day coming when the ultimate goal of these sex and gender revolutionaries was to literally erase all gender. We would be living in a genderless society, and that's why the gays on the lesbians are all upset because they see where the transgender folks are taking all of this, and they don't want to have any part of it. No, no, and the one good news thing I got yesterday because being in North Carolina, I know you've probably saw it, was that we actually got a Democrat to jump ship. How about that? Super majority, which I talked to. I saw mister mcneely actually, he was at an opening for a large that I had joined just recently and he was there and he seemed pretty far yet up that he was going to get it done with that whole removal of that pistol permit purchase and the thing is when I saw that with the Democrat jumping ship, you know what?.

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