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Big the comp the past on art bell somewhere in time I really don't like being behind on current events catch up with an update at the top and bottom of the hour stay connected to use radio seven forty K. T. R. H. all right on you know him in Michigan in Detroit having really does have a very good point we're going to get back to the rocks in a second but you know he he brings would want please he's had finished explaining why the Russians and cry foul I are in a way we didn't get to that I mean you you give me a reason why the Russians abrupt believed that could be done but you shouldn't tell me why they didn't cry foul right then and why right you have to look at what was happening in Russia at that time this is like ninety that mid nineteen sixty nine hi I'm Apollo eleven right the chief designer are you the head of the Russian space program was a geico Sir guy car left he was the driving force behind all the major Russian activists as of the time yes he had died in the early nineteen sixty seven it was a an operation that went wrong he died as a result of that it was considered mild confusion and we all know that the Russian space program became strolled about point it did yes there were various factions who try who are competing for ascendancy within the Russian space program nobody had actually got there it was in the degree of confusion the Russian system of government as we all know I was very different from the democracies of the west the question I would always say at nine point is yes the Russians could blow the whistle and they would have gained great political capital if they had been correct but the point is who would have had a the technical knowledge of what they were watching from the Apollo landing are you saying they were incorrect they were fooled too I'm saying they were full too because there was nobody who had a the knowledge and be the political climate to be able to approach the Russian polit bureau are you the head of the Communist Party and convinces them they should go public with this of the was nobody who could do it we all watched it I've watched it live I'm sure you work to live it millions of people six hundred million people would tell watched it live indeed a better question would be why didn't anybody in the west blow the whistle why didn't any of the photographers who washed the films in the photograph well defined as well well you mean right away well essentially right away I mean there's plenty pizza like you today I've had others on the show there are a lot of people who do if you don't think we put a man on the moon that's right because we've not had a chance to examine the evidence of files the question what is the evidence presented by NASA for the achievement of the Apollo moon landing program and you said quite right here many people would on the same on the same question it's the photographs is the films you think a bit more you think was the rocks and the astronauts and look at all the interviews in the book all right let's go back to the rocks and and so you know I did I always wondered what about the analysis of the rocks now did they did the analysis of the rock show clearly that it was not they were not of earth was that clear that that is one of the great anomalies no they didn't it didn't show that there was a great deal of difference in the world of difference it is yes one of the experiments that was done was because at the time of Apollo most people in most countries folder the moon was of volcanic origin I ate with it had affected had a hot coal like the F. does now yes but the core of the moon because it's much smaller pantry object has cooled but it used to be volcanic so what was done was they would take a sample of these moon rocks and I would take a sample of rock from the Columbia River basin not so near Vancouver in Canada yes his whole comic area right there take a sample of rock from Hawaii which you know is organic definitely and they will put them in three boxes marked Hawaii Columbia River basin and my rock these would be presented to various institutions universe this and NASA would say please compare and contrast these samples report the differences well they've already marked for the sample moon rocks or the sound is knew what they were looking at and NASA said well here's the money to conduct the research amber he who pays the Piper calls the tune in my book this is not science this is not what it should be in which is three boxes flying blind a B. and C. online test right out so that nobody knew what was in in the office okay that's fair I understand that does science can be manipulated in that manner I mean they're gonna take obviously the moon sample and they're going to really look hard for any little thing I can attribute to any of the other samples okay fine I I I understand what you're saying okay now if if that was the case if if that is what happens you would get what you expect you will get a difference but we'll we'll know because recently there was a famous case of the of the rock from Antarctica all hell startled LH eighty four double I want yes which supposedly Mars fossilized microbes that supposedly came from ma yes yes Mars but what that says is that rocks originating from a different planet to us can be found on a now please don't make the immediate assumption that that is what I'm suggesting because I don't know I don't have the aunts on this one I don't know whether the all rocks which can be found on a which can be programmed to have come from the moon but is a logical step to take that they could happen if you got a major media impact well they can get here from Mars and I'm going to assume they can get here from the moon wait it's a reasonable some areas yes if they get here from Mars which by the way is very kind of person a lot of people actually dispute that but if if you make the assumption they get here from Mars I can definitely get here from mon yep and meteor impact is going to toss them off and somehow it's gonna make it here it it it is certainly an interesting calculation to do well you know what power of impact has to hips models for a rope to be sent out into free all day that's right and for to then land opponent character corona family we're talking stretch of the imagination yeah but if these rocks have been examined and if the results are relatively inconclusive and the only report I have seen on any of the rocks which indicate this it might possibly have originated from another country body is the research which respond to indicate that the rock examined had never ever been in contact with more so now we know water is the most common thing around on F. and everything's gets in contact with water zero life raft and that is the only example put forward a this rock has never had any water in contact with it otherwise they could not tell that rock from it would be the same as as a as a rock then you go back to I always wondered I always wondered about that Marcus and and that's the the only difference they could find it's the only one I've ever been able to identify Ole Ole read about which indicates that maybe they came from another planet but there are so many of the act areas around which indicates that we can find things on this planet and billions of years old appearance in Greenland of billions of years old yes and they're on the surface you can go and half or more for the little archaeological trials and journalism X. without so if you also assume that the origin of the moon and the origin of the F. came from the same gas clouds which is one of the suggestions put forward to the origin of these planets well they would be formed from the same material and it wouldn't be any difference my sales if it's not ready on string the point that father rocks from the moon vastly different and all the rocks that have been examined actually from another planet for body are you the minute it is it's in dispute is not one hundred percent which which is one of the reasons I say I don't think the rocks prove it because what has to take into account one other factor the Russians will my we're trying to get to the moon and they did with unmanned Croft correct around the time of the public right those on my end Croft had little gadgets on them well into the lunar surface and bring back in fact the samples of three hundred grams yep Regulus which is the sort of surface material on the main they returned three hundred grams all material from the move so one can say with a degree of a circle K. that material from the moon has been returned to the F. so what has examined us a list of the scientific establishments received only a few grams of material do you know if the samples the Russians submitted for study exhibited roughly the same characteristics as that which we claim we brought back from the moon well it's a matter of knowing whether the samples examined on different reactions at that I don't know it's just that there is a degree of confusion surrounding these rocks everybody quotes the rocks is as the definitive proof of the Apollo landing before you can about the rocks if you hadn't been that that's the obvious statement to make no because we also it on television we also of picking up the rocks we also the photographs and you're saying you could have gone the rocks without going to the moon well if you if you look at a rock exhibited in some August institute and is marked a moon rock who are you to question whether it is from the moon all from as I've heard somebody suggest Twin Falls Idaho I don't know oil I mean you're right I her we don't know it looks like a rock so we have to rely on NASA telling us the truth we have to rely on the scientists being given something which right now is from the moon to examine and it's not it was a little let's let's back up on this whole thing for a second and let's let's put ourselves in the mindset of NASA and the American our government at that time and let's assume that what you're saying is correct and we never did put a man on the moon then that means that somewhere somehow on some Hollywood like stage fallout we faked all of this for the cameras right that's a reasonable assumption route but I don't know that that would almost have to be a conclusion if if if man could not go to the moon without dying or can get back with pictures or whatever all the evidence is that you claimed then then then certainly the pictures that we did see.

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