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Business. Show on this podcast. You'll learn from professional players coaches and executives from all over the world and see the court and a brand new way and now joining you courtside your gen z host. Sean harder phyllis reynolds going up. How are you going. it's going good beautiful day outside. it's really fun. It's great antion podcast and superfund having you on talking about all the stuff you've been doing i mean whether it's your career whether you're doing now after you've graduated and you're going to this whole coaching journey. It's super bowl. Tab yuan thank you thank you yes marched. You know that's always a big month for basketball Even during this pandemic march still feels like an important month. Also march is female athlete. Wants some doing a lot of things with that work with. East bay time and You know there's just a lot of things to do in the sports world besides just watching the games on tv which. I'm super blessed to be able to do right now that you know the nba g. league and wnba were playing in the bubble so everything's been good With my business you know. The kids are working grinded getting ready for spring and summer stuff like tournaments and camps and clinics. But you know every damn training building the business also just doing some of my personal ambassador. An influencer stop and social media Doing content like this being on podcasts and interviews and such just to you know. Continue marketing my brand. Because it's not just you know what you do in a gym every day. It's not just the people you talk to. It's kind of how to you use all of those outlets in resources that you have to create new business opportunities new projects or just opened opportunities for your audience and my audience of asli are the kids that i work with every day trying to gain new clients and then also the audience that i have virtually who may not be able to meet me in person stuff. You know how you interact with that because both types of audiences are super important. So it's just interesting trying to manage and process all this in at the same time. Grow your business..

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