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Over Matic in now. Only date women I forced myself to be quote feminine while dating guys. I honestly don't want men to quote, check me out. But it makes me feel like I don't exist when men quickly over there is from me, or when I'd be out with a friend who is very feminine NATO Ogle. Her like, I'm a garbage. Can it's an uncomfortable paradigm. I want validation is a human. But I also don't want to be objectified. Boy that that is a packed statement. Right there. I mean, doesn't that? Isn't that? Like the crux of so many of our lives. I want validation. But I don't want to be objectified. I mean that that is just distilled. So many struggles just distilled perfectly to that sentence. Since my friend always had her breasts on display, she got a lot of attention and would complain about it. But we both knew she secretly liked it. We are such a, hyper sexual society. And I am so not I'm confronted with this every day everywhere. And as a female if I don't have my tits out, I'm not a valid human. I would love to have top surgery, but I really don't have the time for recovery right now. Plus, I'm terrified of surgery, even if I were to have surgery, I'd still have all the mental ramifications of my lack of gender is outlined above. Thank you so much for that Alice was very illuminating for for me to cure. You share what it's like to be you and to struggle with what you struggle with. Because I I don't have any concept of of what that would be like, and I feel like if more of us got to know people whose. Battles are completely unlike our's, we would we would see that. While the things that causes distress may be different. The distress is the thing that binds us together in so many ways and the other thing I wanted to say is. There are men out there who. Don't objectify. And. As far where you gonna find them what percentage of the male population? Are they I don't know. But is a man who used to be a constant objectify or? Who and who I like to think is no longer not only can men change. But the men around. I don't have men in my life that treat women like that. And so I know firsthand that there are men like that. But I found them in support groups. You're not gonna probably find him in fraternity or at you know, dollar beer nights. But. They're out there..

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