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Dry find my forecast anytime of the WSP radio app all right Wes moss is with us we're talking about this how many get so we thought we were going to lose what nine million jobs or six it would would would would would they think you're going to lose and then we end up gaining too yeah expectations were for job losses in the eight and a half million range ed for the unemployment rate to go from the fourteen percent range to the twenty percent range and that was the consensus we're going to twenty percent unemployment just like the depression it made for a great headline and that could have been further from reality and instead we added two and a half million added two and a half million jobs unemployment rate rate went down from the the almost fifteen down to about thirteen which is a ten million jobs swing to the upside which is required to be on the consensus and yeah well so in a sense that's about that number what you just said is not really understood all that well Jared somebody chastised me for celebrating god forbid it's tone deaf you know Wes we it's tone deaf to celebrate any glimmer of hope in America it's it's absolutely I don't even know why I'm on the air on a day like this is it for three hours I should just get on here and talk about what a horrible country this is and I guess I wouldn't be tone deaf god forbid we actually celebrate if if anything the lack of more bad news but what it what it what a hell of being chastised for celebrating John tweeted that he said twenty million jobs lost two million brought back I'm happy for them but nothing was created this is not a celebration no it's not because of people celebrate the people that I want to be in power may not keep up because that's what it's all about it's about sporting teams the team that's wearing the uniform but I want don't want to win may you have a good day and that's more important to me that people actually getting back to work yes I will celebrate glimmers of hope at this point I will celebrate the lack of more bad news at this point I'm actually feeling a little bit better west to know that people are actually going back to work because some of these people up now the furlough thing is a little different but I want to see if I would I would really like to see is an awful lot of Americans saying to hell with the government I know there's the extra six hundred but I'm going back to work I've got a life I'm trying to build a life here and my life has more than a four month horizon and I think what you're talking about is is that it re opening is contagious and it is a lot of re opening is contagious you know if you're if you are a business owner and you're in a line of shops and one of them is opened you're looking at that you're say it's really easy to stay closed when everybody else is close yeah it's really tough though when you see her wait a minute Jim down the street at least over here they're open I've interviewed I better get back open even though I'm a little nervous about it you know the other quick thought about why there were so wrong is it a condom is the only have the variables that they've been able to utilize from history in the past and we've never had any sort of scenario where the economy just stop there's no precedent for that closed down better better to put not rather than stop to do that the economy was forcibly closed down at that had nothing to do with economics is wife I listen to people listen the show you know I give it to everybody I think trump makes a fool out of himself way more that is good for him or me or you or the country or whatever but what I find and I get out of the attitude of what of that Facebook message or wherever it came from the jets we read it every week so the you know the the the the idea here that we're now going to cover this as if this is trump's economy you see this is the end result of trumps economics it absolutely is not we told every company in America basically you have to shut your doors.

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