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By the united states as very reminiscent of the peres peace talks to end the vietnam war <hes> before we sat down out of the table it was already clear that these were surrender talks and it is the afghan government and the afghan people that are going to pay the price in the piece. You wrote ambassador ambassador with eight other former u._s. Ambassador you say that it is not even clear whether peace in afghanistan is possible which is in itself kind of a stunning statement but you also say a major troop withdrawal must be contingent on a final peace so if peace is lose of how long will u._s. Troops stay in afghanistan. We need eight eight right-sized force which i think we have had now and a long term commitment. There's not a high price to pay neither in blood orange treasure. I would see it as a pretty good insurance policy against eight return say of nine eleven to maintain that presence as long as we need to and a return to nine eleven i a as as a safe haven for terrorists and extremists to kind of plot but that's the key security point in all of this is the taliban is no kinder gentler than they were prior to nine eleven when they ran that country they seek to run it again so when they come back. It's a pretty safe bet. Al qaeda will come back with him. We've seen in this movie before and to set the stage for what we saw. In nine eleven to me is incomprehensible and indefensible all that despite the pledge in the deal to to break the alliance with al qaeda the taliban will say anything. We want them to say right now because they know once we go. We're not gonna come back. There is a next step in this piece deals. I understand that would be the taliban negotiating with the afghan government. Does that encourage you not at all. I once we have signed our surrender. Our withdrawal agreement the taliban is not going to concede anything to the afghan government and frankly. I would be surprised iced if those talks ever take place ambassador. We're just days away now from another nine eleven anniversary. What was it like a writing this opinion piece knowing knowing what the roots were of this war well. It was frankly heartbreaking <hes> i i saw my life changes..

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