President Trump, Brooks, Senator discussed on Mark Levin



Here's blamed Brooks. The major accidents or stalls to report anthem bullet. According to Houston trans star. We do have some evening and overnight roadwork sound so to be aware of two ninety westbound Bingol out to the beltway eight west also to eighty eight north and southbound at sixteen south loop. An I ten east freeway westbound near Sheldon down to one lane at times Brooks in the Gulf Coast windows dot com. Twenty four hour traffic center. Or Weather Channel forecast. Tonight, scattered showers and thunderstorms, the low in the low seventies, tomorrow, more, showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the low to mid eighty seventy seven now cloudy skies at the KTAR, h Westside northside Lexus. Twenty four hour weather center. KTAR h news time nine thirty one. Our top story. President Trump is claiming China is meddling in the US election. The president says there is evidence any hopes to release it soon. He claims that China does not want him to see does not want to see him or his party re elected because of his tough stance on trade with that country. The Federal Reserve is bumping up its key interest rate the central Bank raise the rate by a quarter-point today in announcing the decision the Federal Open Market committee noted solid economic growth falling unemployment and rising inflation university of Texas. Austin investigating claims a state Senator sent sexually explicit text messages to a grad student, Georgetown, Republican Charles Schwartz ner denies that. He said images. To the student a spokesperson for the Senator says Schwaiger is cooperating fully with the investigation. Our next update at ten o'clock now more of.

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