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Steve Love 3 53 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. We've had some issues with the weather, some issues with the traffic, but all in all my we've seen worse. Yeah, we certainly have been. Yeah, the the volume seems to be a lot lighter than usual. And, uh, yeah. No complaints from me. Now the rain is coming down pretty hard over a stretch of route to, uh, basically between acting and Fitchburg right along that route two lines, so be careful on route to that's all I can say. Really now to 90 West is backed up a couple of miles through downtown Worcester. But that seems to be pretty typical. Oh, the mass pike westbound is actually good out to Newton out in genetic In fact, it's clear I'll pass to 90 and into Charlton. Let's check out the expressway here with the Needham Bank Road report. All right, thanks, Mike Expressway Northbound gets busy from before Columbia ad from granted ob up to the departed to the deposit on ramp opens up Then it gets heavy again. Mass events of the O'Neill Expressway yourself. It's good. It's not much volume today. You're going too slow through the O'Neill two lovely disabled right outside the tunnel. Close against South Bay to Colombia. Bit further South gets heavy again Miss Building Square Right down through the split. It stays heavy through the split right out through 24. Randolph, David's attorney with the Needham Bank Road report, Route three South is backed up a little in Braintree. Then you're back in a little after 1 39 down into ducks Berry 95 South backs up shortly after mechanic Street down to 4 95. Up to the north. Things really aren't so bad 1 28 is 1 28 North is backed up getting by 93 routes Three and 93 north are actually pretty decent up towards 4 95. Downtown. The Ted Williams Tunnel Westbound is jammed and so is sterile. Drive West with a breakdown in a bad spot out after the hat shell miking WBC's traffic on the threes. Let's get a check of the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast meteorologist Bob Larson is with us on REE Bob is still with us, too. It certainly is been very slow moving,.

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