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Forbearance requests may be about to jump? I'm Jeff Gable. 9 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s back over to Jack and the traffic sign. Okay, the tow truck is there in Virginia running three 95 going northbound the slowdown begins around duke street, the trouble spot is after shirlington before glebe to the main line of vehicle may have broken or lost an axle, two left lanes are closed, should be getting by to the right side, but the tow truck is now on scene. Hopefully we'll get some lanes open. And I think things are shouldered now on the beltway coming out of the Springfield interchange. There have been reports of possibly a truck crash beyond Braddock road. I can't see in the camera, so hopefully it's over on the shoulder. All right, the delay from Maryland toward Virginia. I think we've got our work sound again that's coming toward the Georgetown pike from GW Parkway, the delay is back in Maryland on two 70 on the spur near democracy boulevard on the bellway back new year old Georgetown road. All right, staying in Virginia Braddock road west at campus drive, that wreck had been in the left lane. There is a work zone, not causing a huge delay, 66 west out in your 50 fairfax in the left lane, but there's now a delay as you leave the beltway, headed westbound, watching maybe we've got a work crew. You've got some very slow traffic to deal with as well in Maryland on the beltway topside outer loop just around right now from about colesville road toward Georgia avenue. The inner loop is slower because you're trying to exit south onto Connecticut avenue down your Jones bridge road, the crews working at a left lane only getting by. Clean up of a crash and derwood was on muncaster mill road between Louisville road and redland road, traffic had been getting by under police direction this vehicle was on its side, so please be very careful. All right, we've got reports of a work zone causing Lake delays in the district, just no lane information. D.C. two 95 going southbound as you approach the 11th street bridge it is very heavy and very slow. Also with caution as you come off the key, the Roosevelt, the memorial bridges riding into the district, you're riding toward the district. Unfortunately, there's a power outage in the area it's affecting constitution avenue, rock creek Parkway also along independence avenue. So take it easy. Biometric technologies have changed how we protect our identity. I Demi's solutions are designed with privacy in mind. Learn more at identity with integrity, dot com, Jack Taylor, WTO P traffic. Mike's dinner for still cool, but we have started the warmup. We have the combination of bright sunshine and the southerly wind means temperatures are rising nicely. Well under a high in the upper 50s to lower 60s later this afternoon. Overnight Ferris

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