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Down here. My shop 'em Anna got a good show for you today. I told you guys last Tuesday, I was going to drop the recipe for my broken. Go ranch Margaritas. I'm going to give you two formulas. I'm gonna keep this open real short because I talk with my wife about the Margaritas and my hunting trip and how to put this drink together for about an hour and fifteen minutes until my producer, Sean gets a whole maybe streamlines at a little bit. But I'm yacking and flab in my gums so much I'm gonna keep this open short. I twenty minutes. I'm gonna tell you about my history with drinking beer when I started going through college and drinking vodka whiskey and getting into tequila in Margaritas and how I kind of turned into a snub as far as what I drink when I drink, and I'm very specific. And when I give you this recipe hope that you try it I want you feedback. Send me your feedback to question to Steve option show dot com. Is going to be two formulas one is year rich, and in the one is the one which I created, and I call that to be as Margarita you can use all the Margarita mix in the world. If you've got something that is your go-to and works for you more power to you. I'm a very specific drinker. I'm very snobby when it comes to alcohol. This is my recipe that formulated give it a try get back with me. We're going to cover that. And then I'm gonna talk about my mule deer hunt for those of you. I'm not gonna leave you hanging on a cliff. But if you don't like hunting, there's nothing to worry about because there were no animals kill during this podcast or on my hunting trip. I'm just talking about being out there and outdoors things that I learned things that you can expect when you go mule deer hunting and how to prepare and some of the headaches and horse shit that I went through in my pursuit for a buck this year. Many thanks to Nevada hunting services for the guiding experience, Casey and royals who helped out and all the people at the lodge. Let me stay at their facility. Appreciate it very much. But without any further. Do I'll get to the brokers? Go ranch Margarita formula my mule deer hut. And a few other things is I close up this show. Let's get it going. Folks, we're almost at the mid horn and NFL and college football season in each game becomes that much more important. Heck, I've been tracking college football this year, and it's roll tide as Alabama's clearly the best team in the country again, while Notre Dame Clemson university of central Florida are also highly ranked, and.

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