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Which of course freese three two i shoot ufo flat that happened last week goal united states i listen this week's been a banner week for ufo videos mainly i saw another streak of light the look like a space junk coming out of the sky it was say that this is i guess jake ally diffuse light blob law you know everybody's trying to find an explanation for this it is these ufo's and stuff and all i can say is that you know when ufo he's used people will trying debunk at right out of the read the or right out of the shoots right out of the united and that's why i'm careful not to call them you o's are ut sees which military term i know that hillary call that something else once again identify terrell phenomena and you know you afc been around for a long time it just doesn't stick but i have acquainted you with some of the military turns like utc end and you oh and so i use that now but still you know i think people you know when you when you offer ufo videos he said take a look at this stage they think that you want to convince them that aliens are flying them and that's not always the case the main i would love to see ufo mean more than just you know alien suv vehicles you wanna kicked the tires on the horn a gut i just don't like that and an eighteen people used to you know kicking ufo footages ai those who the story to about how you know they always take a picture with the worst camera you know if you're does stand they even if you have a friend of your stand in front of a camera watt up eighty eight a piece of paper and it's roy before the cameron tell you shooter but you would be able to shoot it do those things travel really fast and should be able to get something on camera to stop blurry and it's it's pretty cool and most of time a big comes out not blurry people say i photoshop or so used to these blurry ones or what they say taking a picture with a potato of course but we used to people taking a big serve your vote with the potato i like but i like midterm actually did people tend to think anything clear like that would be cg i your fates or whatever so the banner week for space because you get to hear the june or roar speculation all boy another thing to the alien mega structure you've heard this write about that about the strange kepler a started teams dimming and i don't know why something to it like there's like triple signals coming from it as if something blocking it or something's in front of it or something huge keys passing by it it's not a planet.

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