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808 590957 The number to call this is Lyons Radio. Start your day with a Michigan insider with salmon IRA weekdays from 6 to 10 am exclusively on sports Talk 10 50 w. T K a ticket, The Alzheimer's Association and the Ad Council present the story of Cynthia and Ed. My mother was always very active and independent. She was familiar with her neighborhood. One day out of the blue. She stopped at the stop sign for much longer than usual. And she didn't know whether she should go forward Turn. Just stay at a stop sign. She wasn't even with this show, where she was that she was very concerned. It was very unsettling for her. It's important for you to talk to someone about it brings a family and I felt so much better after my son told me Mom, I don't want you to worry. I'd be afraid I'll be there for you, and we'll figure it out. When something feels different. It could be Alzheimer's. Now is the time to talk. Visit a lzzy dot org's slash our stories to learn more. A message from the Alzheimer's Association and the Ad council. 88 Today. It's the child who can't pay attention or sit still in school, right? The answer may be, yes, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or a DHD can be complicated and it can last a lifetime. Living with the condition can sometimes be a challenge..

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