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They're staring at having to play on wild card weekend. Right in the face, as you know, the chargers beat the cheese this week, and you have some jockeying going on with the Texans are still up there. And the Steelers keep their spot is number four this week. And then the chargers going to host the ravens X week. It's going to be crazy. But I want to get these grades real quick. I want you to give me a rough grade for the pass rush to say overall pass rush we're talking TJ watt, but debris Cam a Hayward. Steph onto it j von Hargrave as primary players in this equation. What would you grade the pass rush today? Pash three although they only get one sack in the game. I thought they made Brady uncomfortable enough. Sandwich hit seven quarterback hits. Yeah. I mean that that's enough that to get him out of his rhythm. I don't think he was as comfortable as we've seen him in the past against LeBow defenses or in a pass against Butler decent ses. I think the pass rush had its impact and had its desired effect. It's gonna be hard to ever get Tom Brady four or five times just because of the nature of their offense to the fact that he gets the ball out. But I thought the pressure had its intended purpose of trying to make him uncomfortable as much as you can make Brady uncomfortable. If you don't have arguably for hall of Famer almost hall of Famer pass rushers like the New York Giants. Yes, you're right. I would give them a three and antique TD was so closed on so many occasions, and you're you're sitting in watching get TJ gal and then United so Brady does man. I swear every time he planning. Right. When you think they got it? Right. When you think he's gonna bring that ball back. And then there's going to get a strip sack or something. He steps up. He's he's the best for a reason, you know. But you know, they got the best of him this time. It was a huge win. I do have to this might be as I was sitting there waiting for us to go live at eight o'clock eastern time in telling okay, there's one great advocate. I've one grade. I wanna hear what he has to say what? And that's Chris Boswell. How you gonna grade Chris Boswell because he misses a chip shovels like thirty nine yarder. And I it might have been been closer than that. I'm not sure the yardage, and he makes both of his extra points. But he he misses the chip shot makes a forty eight yarder. Which was huge turns out didn't matter because it is fourteen to ten anyways. And if even if he it was a four point lead. So it didn't matter ultimately. But it made them have to get a touchdown. So what were your what's your great on? Chris Boswell almost wanna give him a no great this. This one it's tough right because. You wanna make the kicks because that helps you win games. But by go one of two you still know that there's some problems. So the coaches staff is in a weird spot. Is that make enough to make them feel warm and fuzzy about him or his him going one of to put them in some squeamish areas in a position in terms of evaluating because he made one of two he should made to to. I'm a have to give him a two and a half. I wanna give him. I wanna be totally Homer and give him a whore. But like you said it wasn't the game. Winter they were fourteen thirteen. I think this kick does more for him. It's maybe mentally getting him out of his rut making this big kick against the patriots. But because he was one of one I'm gonna give him a two and a half. I don't think the Steelers are out of the hot water when it comes to Boswell in any way, shape or form. I think this just makes the decision even harder. It's hers of how they go forward. But it's great that he made the kick. And I think he that kick made him go to he'll get a flight to New Orleans for sure. To me migrate is a one. It's awful. I'm sorry. I. Yeah. I know you missed thirty two yard or and if he makes thirty two yarder. It's twenty to ten after he makes the forty eight yard a you cannot leave point on the on the field or off the board..

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