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And resources at a A. R. P. dot org slash care giving brought to you by the a a RP and the ad council steeper as WBZ twenty four hour traffic network and now the four day WBZ accu weather forecast overnight it'll be clear to partly cloudy a low of fifty four Monday funny of sunshine cooler but still pleasant high sixty four clear to partly cloudy on Monday night low fifties for Tuesday breezy and becoming warmer with times of clouds and sun is the. the afternoon shower I seventy five but clear the coast Wednesday will be rather cloudy but warm with a couple of showers high seventy six it'll turn much cooler later in the week arm accu weather meteorologist garbled in ski WBZ Boston's news radio right now it's fifty two degrees in Newbury port fifty five in sandwich fifty eight and hang them in Boston partly cloudy and fifty nine degrees if there was a telephone number to call if you'd win a million dollars no strings attached would you make the call course you would this is Dan ray what about a free call to alleviate your joint pain let's say both calls are one of the same because living pain free priceless call Dr L. front you Boston prolotherapy for that free telephone consultation to learn prolotherapy could end the pain you deal with every day that pain in your back getting out of bed that pain in your hips playing golf well that pain in the knee simply walking up stairs speak one on one with doctor front gate to learn prolotherapy could be that priceless phone call prolotherapy work for my ankle it's worked for other WBZ listeners marshes hip ID's means stands some elbow and back Boston prolotherapy has alleviated the pain for thousands of new Englanders now it's your turn log on to Boston prolotherapy dot com or call one eight three three GoPro that's one eight three three gold prologue nearly seventy people now have a date with a New Hampshire judge they were arrested at a protest outside of coal fired power plant in bow Saturday the activists were charged with trespassing on the grounds of the Merrimack station after more than two hundred protesters turned out for the rally and called for the coal fired plant to be shut down the protests came at the end of a week of climate demonstrations around the world calling for governments to do more to reduce carbon emissions the protest was organized by non profits such as three fifty New Hampshire whites in democracy New Hampshire youth movement and climate disobedience. I Charlie Sherman WBZ Boston's newsradio in sports the patriots are now for no after beating the bills in buffalo sixteen to ten the red Sox also one they beat the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway five to four next on WBZ it's J. talking with Bradley J. I'm Suzanne saws bill WBZ Boston's newsradio we like to contribute to the conversation yeah. yeah yeah..

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